Took a heck of a drive today…

Hubby and I decided to drive down near Atlanta and look at a potential new vehicle. (Around here, civilization begins about 2 hours or so from our house.) Well, we drove all that way, and wouldn’t you know it? Things didn’t work out. I’m upset and angry at the dealership for asking us to come down, but such is life. (Of course, the poor man did get the rantings of a pregnant woman before I left. One does not force a woman to drive 2 and a half hours to be told NO. LOL!)

BUT, all was not lost with our trip. It did give hubby and I 5 and a half hours ALONE. No kids, no screaming, no fighting. Just the two of us, talking and sharing things. It was nice.

AND, we found a MALL. And a Toys R Us and a Babies R Us,and a Steak and Shake and an Olive Garden, oh! AND A MALL!!!!!!! I have not seen the inside, let alone the outside, of a MALL since we moved. Man, have I missed the mall. We didn’t go in, because I had to be at a baby shower by 2, but just knowing that I can find the mall made my whole day. Of course, I’ll have to drive 2 hours to get there, but hey – it’s a MALL!

Went to a baby shower today for a girl from my church. Sweet, sweet girl. Young girl. In very much the same position that I was 11 years ago, but her family (and her church) is treating her well. She was showered with gifts – literally, as it took over an hour to open everything! – and there was tons of food. The decorations were beautiful. Everything was pink and brown, and the cake looked pretty enough to be a wedding cake. A lot of time and effort was put into the shower, and I was quite impressed. (And I’m still trying not to be jealous!)

I actually won 2 games at the shower! I never, ever win anything, but I guess I can no longer say that, as I won TWICE! The first game I won was a word game. They took the baby’s name (Adelyn) and you had 2 minutes to come up with the most words using the letters in the baby’s name. Well, I got 18 words! Everyone else in the group only got 2 – 3. I was quite impressed with myself! 🙂 The second game I won was one where you start with the present in someone’s hand and pass it around a circle as someone reads a story. (Pass right or left whenever either word is said.) I don’t know how, but I ended up being the last person with the prize! So cool!

All in all, it’s been a really good day…. aside from the vehicle fiasco, but I’m looking past that. We’ve got a few months before we *need* a vehicle that seats 8. I’ll start panicing if we still don’t have one in September!

Sorry for the long post. If you’re still awake, I stocked up on Fudgesicles and Ice Cream Sandwiches! 🙂

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  1. 1
    Danielle says:

    Oy, that size vehicle is going to be rough, with gas prices.
    My dh and I always said that if we had 3,4 or more children and would not fit in a regular car, we’d just take two cars to go places.

  2. 2
    Mommie Mayhem says:

    5 hrs alone without kids.oh I’m jealous !! I’m happy your day got better.

  3. 3
    Angie Vinez says:

    Actually, gas won’t be that bad. The Suburbans that we’re looking at will have a 49 gallon tank. I really don’t go many places besides church, doctors appts, and the grocery store, so it’s not like I put many miles on my car every day anymore. Now, when I was driving the kids 60 miles to and from school, THAT was killing us. But, we’ll be homeschooling this year, so I don’t have to worry about that anymore. Thank heavens!

  4. 4
    SissyMerks says:

    Sounds like you had a good day even though things didn’t work out with the vehicle. Now that you found your mall maybe you couls sneek off for a little me time after the baby is born. 2 hours is quite a drive but I bet it would be well worth it!!

  5. 5
    Prim Chic says:

    We have a Yukon Denali XL and I absolutely LOVE it. I wouldn’t trade it in for anything even with the gas prices as they are right now. AND a MALL – I LOVE to shop (mostly online because I don’t get out much either). Glad things are going well.

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