Tornadoes… In The Mountains!

My husband and I had been planning a date night for weeks. Last Friday night was supposed to be “our” night. We were going to head up to Murphy, NC and eat at Brother’s Restaurant. Then, we’d spend some time shopping – hitting the shoe stores, Big Lots, Walmart, and anywhere else we wanted to go. I was finally going to be able to swing into Cato’s and buy some pants that fit me. {Mine are so big now! Yay!}

I have no idea why, but hubby and I gave up our date night and decided to take the boys to see The Lorax that night… in Hiawassee, GA.

What we didn’t know is how one little decision to stay out of Murphy may have saved us from danger… or potential death.

Friday night, a tornado tore through Murphy, NC, destroying as much as it could. It ripped roofs off buildings, picked up semi trailers and threw them into fields, ripped houses apart, uprooted trees, and damaged buildings.

We live in the mountains. As gullible as I am, I assumed a tornado could never gather enough speed or strength to touch down in the mountains.

Boy, was I wrong.

Saturday afternoon, I went up to Murphy to see the damage. I wanted to visit the party store and grab a few items for Gage’s party, and I needed to run into Walmart to grab some essentials.

My heart broke to see the damage that happened everywhere. So many lives were changed in a matter of minutes. What scared me the most is that my husband and I could have been right in the middle of it. As I drove through, I couldn’t help but think of the phrase, “But for the Grace of God…”

But for the Grace of God, my husband and I were miles away from where the tornado touched down.

But for the Grace of God, not a single soul was killed or injured in all the devastation.

But for the Grace of God, everything will be ok again.

At Walmart, I got out of the car and snapped a few pictures…. look what happens when a tornado rips through the mountains:

On my Facebook Fan page, I’ll share a link to more photos of the damage. I couldn’t even get to where the party store was at, the damage was so bad. 🙁

I am so thankful that no one was hurt in the tornado. My thoughts and prayers are still with the families, employees, and everyone working to rebuild their lives, homes, and businesses after the storm.

Personal items can be replaced…. people can’t.

I know tornadoes ripped through much of the Midwest last week. Prayers to every person affected by the storms… whether you were actually involved in them, or if it was someone you love.

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    we were within a 30 minute window of it hitting us in greeneville , tn both in town here and in camp creek where it hit last april and destroyed hundreds of homes and took lives. Greenville borders on the NC state line in asheville, I can see the mountains from my home in town, my family lives in camp creek in those mountain bottoms. Friday night was the scarest, when 100 mph winds shifted within a 30 minute window and headed towards NC, it leaves you releaved but fearing for the ones its coming towards.Besides being in the Navy for 20 yrs, this is our hometown, grew up here and we never in 50 yrs had but only one tornado before the one that hit last yr in april. Now I stay terrified each time I hear they are close. I’m glad your plans changed and you were spared. Alot of the people from last yr still have no homes, it leaves you empty in so many ways.
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    I have followed your blog for so long and never realized you were so close to me. We live in Hayesville..I grew up in Murphy and my mom still lives there. I know I was talking to her up until the first Tornado warning . They got the first warning and then we got our first one with their second one. I couldn’t reach her and then got word of the tornado through facebook and was worried until I did reach her later that evening. It was very scary and sad. A tornado is very unexpected in the mountains..that’s for sure. We get warnings but have never had it hit us.
    Samantha recently posted..Wrapeaze Keeps Kids Warm with Ease!

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    I’m so glad you changed plans and missed the tornado. We live in the Rockies (in NW Montana) and had one here about 3 years ago. I was driving home and saw it form over the lake and head towards town. Fortunately it missed homes and left most of the damage in downed trees. We were surprised to have one here, too!

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    thank you for sharing. Tornados are devasting to property lives and our emotional foundation. glad you are ok.
    this week I started achallenge to bloggers to post about tornado safety and awareness. I am hoping we can ll find a way to help keep someone safe and show support. I would like to pass your blog along as many times as I can in hopes that reading htis will bringa awareness to someone in the future days to come. Malika Bourne the No Non-cents Nanna
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