Tropicana Juicy Rewards: Claimed My 3 Point Reward

TropicanaI posted a couple of weeks ago that I’m a Juicy Insider in the Tropicana Juicy Rewards program thanks to Mom Central and Tropicana.

During my time in the program, I’ve racked up 23 points. (12 of those points were courtesy of Mom Central and Tropicana.) I’ve been anxious to start spending those points and reaping the reward of the program.

I was a little disappointed over the lack of rewards in my area. In fact, many of the friends that I’ve talked about with the program were also disappointed that there just wasn’t anything near us. I honestly couldn’t be too surprised, though, because I do live in a very rural area.

Luckily, there are some fantastic websites participating in the Tropicana Juicy Rewards program including Coleman and Adidas. I ended up claiming a 3 point reward for 15% off of any purchase on the Coleman website. (Not including sale items.)

As a mom of 5, I keep safety as a top priority. That includes always having a First Aid Kit in the car or diaper bag at all time. My first aid supplies were starting to run low, so I knew exactly what I was going to purchase. I opted for the Medium First Aid Kit. Priced at just $14.99, and full of safety essentials, I knew it was exactly what I needed to replenish my first aid kit that I keep in the car. Better yet, the Juicy Reward points I redeemed brought my total down to just $12.74. I love saving money!

And look at everything I’ll get in this kit:
First Aid Kit(10) mini bandages;
(10) 3/4″ x 3″ bandages;
(1) extra large bandage;
(2) knuckle bandage;
(1) 1/2″ tape roll;
(2) gauze pad;
(2) large gauze pad;
(10) prep pad;
(6) towelette;
(1) tweezers;
(1) scissors;
(2) gloves;
(1) carabiner and carry case

Everything I’ll need to have on hand, just in case. I got a fabulous product at a really great price.

So, see. Even if there aren’t a ton of option for things to do in the area, there are still some great deals that you can get thanks to the Tropicana Juicy Rewards program.

TropicnaIf you haven’t signed up yet, let me encourage you to do so. It’s really easy to do, and I’ll even give you a code that will help you get your first point.

Here’s how to register and get your bonus point:

  • Head to
  • Set up your Tropicana Juicy Rewards account. (It only takes a minute!)
  • Click on the “Enter Codes” link on the site, and insert the code MOMCE-NTRAL

Please note:  This one-time use code is valid for new accounts ONLY, and it must be entered within 6 hours of creating your account.

And don’t forget to Follow and fan Tropicana on Facebook and Twitter:

In a few weeks, I’ll tell you how I spent my next set of points. And if you get a really great deal thanks to the Juicy Rewards Program, I want to hear about it!

Disclaimer: I wrote this review while participating in the Tropicana Juicy Insiders Ambassador program by Mom Central on behalf of Tropicana. I received 12 free Juicy Rewards points and a $50 Visa gift card to use in redemption of the points and to facilitate my review.

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