Two New Books from Author Pat Palmer (Book Review)

Thanks to the Parent Reviewers, I recently had the opportunity to read and review two new books from author Pat Palmer, Ed. D.: The Mouse, The Monster, and Me and Liking Myself.

First, let’s talk about The Mouse, The Monster, and Me. I live with a mouse and several monsters. I am constantly working with them, trying to get them to understand that whining, screaming, pouting, and/or yelling are not the ways to get your point across. It’s not ok to bully people into doing what you want them to do, and it’s not ok to let someone else bully you. But, having Mom tell you those things doesn’t always work. So, I sat down with Zander (6 – almost 7 – my mouse) and Jace (5 – one of my monsters), and we read the book together. Immediately, they saw themselves in the characters. Well, ok – I’ll tell the truth here – they saw each others behaviors in the characters. Zander immediately picked up that Jace had the tendencies of a monster, and Jace noticed that Zander often acted like the mouse described in the book.

The book had several activities that I did with the boys. {You can do the activities right in the book, but I used a separate piece of paper so that I can use the book again someday with Lucy (3) and Parker (20 months).} I like that the book gives the activities that get the kids thinking, and encourages them to make changes in their behavior.

The Mouse, The Monster, and Me was perfect for Zander (my almost 7 year old). He completely understood everything that was talked about, and he really enjoyed reading it with me and doing the activities. Jace is still a bit on the young side at 5 years old, so he didn’t quite “get it” as well as Zander did. I plan to keep using the book with Jace and introducing it to Lucy and then Parker when they’re ready.

Next, let’s talk about Liking Myself. Yet another great book! Written in the same fun, easy to read manner as The Mouse, The Monster, and Me, this book was full of more tips, ideas, and activities to encourage children to take care of themselves. I love that it gets the point across that not everyone is the same, and it’s ok to be different. We are all unique and special in our own way. It also teaches them how to understand, talk about, and control their emotions. And it teaches them that not everyone in life will like us. (A lesson many adults still need to learn – myself included!) It doesn’t mean that we are bad or we’ve failed, it just means that we need to let go and focus on the friends that do like us for who we are. All throughout the book, there are games and activities to encourage learning and understanding.

Jace seemed to do much better with this book. It was more on his level, and he interacted and participated a whole lot more. I’ll definitely be reading this book more with him and introducing it to Lucy and Parker when they’re ready as well.

Overall, I am quite impressed with both books. I loved the fun and unique print and doodles throughout both of the books. It made it seem like each book was a “letter” written just to my child. These books are the prefect addition to our home library, and I’m certain we’ll be reading them often in the years to come.

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Disclaimer: I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Parent Reviewers on behalf of Uplift Press and received the items necessary to facilitate my review. I was in no other way compensated for this post, and all opinions stated in the post above are 100% my own.

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