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Carson Udder CoverI am a huge fan of Udder Covers. In fact, I own several of their nursing covers already. I used them with Parker when he was nursing, and I will use them again with Gage once he’s born.

There are several features of Udder Covers that I love:

  • They have a special neckline that allows you to see baby while you’re nursing, but doesn’t let anyone see under the cover.
  • They are machine washable. (Awesome feature when baby decides to spit up all over your cover!)
  • They come in really nice patterns that are sure to please any taste.
  • They make even someone like me feel more comfortable nursing in public.

I am a very private person. When Zander was a baby, and he needed to nurse, I would head out to the van and nurse him there. It wasn’t until I purchased an Udder Cover after Parker was born that I felt comfortable enough to nurse him in public. The Udder Cover offered complete privacy, and it was so nice not to have to run to the car to nurse him every time.

Now, I’m excited to tell you about a special offer that Udder Covers is running right now. You can try one of their covers at no cost! All you have to pay is shipping.

Here’s how to get your special offer:

1.  Go to UdderCovers.com .
2.  Click on “Shop Now” and select any nursing cover you like.
3.  Once you have made your selection, you’ll automatically be directed to the shopping bag. Enter the promo code “ VALENTINE ” and they’ll deduct 100% of the cost of the cover – all you pay are the shipping fees! (Shipping fees are $9.95!)

You can also apply the discount code toward one of their fabulous gift sets. It will bring the price down to just $5, so you get the entire gift set for less than $15 – including shipping!

So, don’t forget: the promo code is “ VALENTINE “. You can even use it more than once – just open a new browser window each time you do.

Udder Covers make the perfect gift for any mom or mom-to-be, so be sure to stock up!

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    Oh my goodness, I LOVE Udder Covers! I won one and have been using it with Isaac since he was born. I have the one in the picture. It has great coverage and is really comfortable, and I love that I can see him but feel completely modest, too. 🙂 Definitely can recommend this brand as well!
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