Ultimate Party Meatballs (Review)

November and December are my favorites months at our church. Why? Because almost every week, we’ve got some kind of special meal at church. If there’s one thing we do well, it’s eat! 🙂

Finding something to take to these meals had always been the worst part of the process. Now that I’ve been introduced to the easy-peasy Ultimate Party Meatballs recipe, I’m the first one to grab the sign up sheet for each meal. I know just what I’m bringing!

The Ultimate Party Meatballs recipe is fantastic if you are a fabulous cook, or if you can’t even boil water. It takes just 3 ingredients and about 20 minutes, and you’ve got an appetizer that will be the hit of the party!

Here’s the Ultimate Party Meatballs Recipe:

(1) 14-ounce can Ocean Spray Jellied Cranberry Sauce
(1) 12-ounce bottle Heinz Chili Sauce
(1) 2-pound bag frozen, pre-cooked, cocktail-sized meatballs

Combine Sauces in a large saucepan. Cook over medium-low heat, stirring until smooth. Add meatballs. Cover and cook for 15 minutes or until meatballs are heated through, stirring occasionally.
Makes 30 appetizer servings.

Now, I’m a crock-pot girl myself. I love being able to throw things in the crock-pot and having them cook all day. Lucky for me, the Ultimate Party Meatballs recipe comes with a slow cooker option! Just combine the sauces, pour over the meatballs, then cover and cook 4 hours on HIGH. It’s so easy!
I first tested the Ultimate Party Meatball recipe out at our Thanksgiving dinner at church. They were such a hit that hubby told me 5 people asked him for the recipe. Not too shabby!

I love that it’s a super-easy recipe. I love that I can make it in the crock-pot if I prefer. I love that it takes only 3 easy (and reasonably priced!) ingredients, and I *love* that it tastes great!

I also discovered that there is an Ultimate Party Meatballs website. I spent some time over there and I’ve printed out a bunch of really great recipes to use at our Christmas dinner as well as the rest of the meals we have at church this month. Not only can you find tasty recipes, but there are tips for entertaining, party enhancements, and you can even enter the Ultimate Party Meatballs Sweepstakes and enter to win the Ultimate Party. Oh, and be sure to play the toothpick javelin game while you’re there. My top score is 12,750. (I hit the 10,000 point meatball! Woohoo!!) See if you can beat my score!

Be sure to give the Ultimate Party Meatball recipe a try at your next party, event, or family dinner. You’ll be the talk of the party!

Disclaimer: I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Heinz and Ocean Spray and received the ingredients necessary to facilitate my review. In addition, Mom Central sent me a gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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