Upcoming Review: Pretty Pushers

Recently, I received a package in the mail that caught me by surprise. Inside the package was the most beautiful gown I’d ever seen. And by gown, I mean birthing gown. It came from the company called Pretty Pushers. Let me just tell you… they certainly live up to their name! The gown is absolutely beautiful!

I received the Organic Cotton Delivery Gown, and it is so incredibly soft! For the first time, I won’t have to wear that icky hospital gown to deliver baby. And the best part is, once you’re done with it, just toss it. It’s completely disposable, so there’s no need to waste anyone’s water by washing it.

I love the concept behind Pretty Pushers, and I can’t wait to wear this on the big day. I’ve got awhile until that happens, but I just had to let my readers know to expect an upcoming review on this amazing product.

If you’re expecting a baby and you’re due before I am, {in March}, and don’t have time to wait for my full review, I would definitely recommend you check out Pretty Pushers. Now any mom to be can feel gorgeous on that very special day.

Disclaimer: I was contacted by a member of Pretty Pushers and sent a sample product to test out. The sample product will be used to facilitate my full review when the baby is born. I was in no way compensated for this post.

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    Donna Perugini says:

    Rats! I scanned to the bottom and was hoping for a real answer on a boy or girl.

    I'll be checking back in Nov!!

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    I seen this advertised in a magazine two days ago & I was like…oh wow I want one of those! 🙂 I definitely want to look into it. Awesome that you got one.

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