Update about Plantronic’s Bluetooth Headset Giveaway (New Update)

I logged in to find our lucky winner of the Plantronic’s Bluetooth Headset this morning, and it seems we’ve got some kind of glitch or bug.

If you look at the post, it says that there are 451 comments. However, when you click on page 3 of the comments, it says there are only 441 comments. (It also says “451 comments” on my “Edit Posts” page.)

I’ve checked my “Comment Moderation” page and there’s not a single comment waiting to be approved. I cannot figure out why the numbers don’t match up.

I want this to be 100% fair, though, so I don’t want to select a winner just yet. I want everyone that entered to have an equal shot at this prize.

Let me do some checking around and see what I can find out. I apologize for the delay, but I hope you understand my intentions are good.

We’ll have a winner soon!

Update 11:15AM

I heard back from blogger. Apparently this is a glitch that they are aware of, but they gave me no time frame of when – or if – it would be resolved.

After checking the comment counter carefully, the comments are counted correctly. That gives us 441 comments on the post.

I apologize for the confusion. Technology certainly isn’t perfect, and I appreciate your understanding.

Want to know who won? Click here: Plantronics Discovery 975 Bluetooth Headset Winner Announced

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    Fab Find Foodie says:

    Angie, this exact same thing happened to me last week!! I had to wait for two days to pick a winner!!! Arrrg! I seriously considered moving to WordPress, but I've had friends tell me about their troubles on that site as well. So sorry about your troubles!! 🙁

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