Update on the "Bad Boy" Post

I’m sure you all remember this post. After all, who could forget the confessions of a mother who was a terrible child herself. (And, that post is exactly the reason we made sure Lucy’s kitchen set did not have a compartment big enough to fit a kid in.)

Well, I went on and on in that post about how difficult Jace has been lately. However, deep down, he really does have the best heart.

Last night, we had to pull Zander’s tooth out. It was hanging by one little thread and was totally grossing me out. Since my boys are the biggest drama kings, pulling this tooth was not an easy task. As Gene tried (and tried… and tried… and tried) to get Zander to hold still long enough to pull the tooth, *Jace* was the one crying. He absolutely couldn’t stand the thought of Zander being hurt. Now, he’ll punch the daylights out of Zander, but the thought of Zander hurting because Daddy was pulling his tooth out was just too much to bear.

So, maybe there is hope for this little boy. Maybe this is just a phase and my dear sweet boy will come back to me.

Of course, he’s already been in time out 10 times today, but a mom can dream, can’t she?

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    Jewllori by Lori says:

    awww poor Jace! What a heart!! It`s the same with my Ross, one minute he is shushing the baby and telling him it`s ok, and the next he is getting into trouble by touching things he isn`t supposed to , and my beads flying all over the place…boys will be boys????

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