Vacation Bible School this week….

along with a bazillion other things. I MUST remember my doctor’s appointment on Wednesday. If I don’t, I don’t want to have to wait to schedule my appt with the high risk doctor or *the* ultrasound! I’ve set my phone to remind me an hour beforehand, so hopefully I’ll remember!

As I mentioned above, I am teaching Vacation Bible School this week at church. It started with the kick off on Saturday, and teaching actually began last night. It will run through Friday, so I just know by Friday night, I will be completely and utterly exhausted.

I’m teaching the 6 year olds class. I have some of the absolute sweetest kids in that class. They all listen so well, and two of them have become completely attached to my hips. I’d forgotten how much I adore working with this age. I always wanted to be a first grade teacher, and tonight I remembered why! 🙂

One of the little girls has become super protective of me and my baby belly. During game time, she’d tell me to take it easy, and if someone even came close to my belly, she was in their face. It cracked me up. Almost like I had my own little mother hen watching over me. So, have no fear, my belly is being taken care of quite well by little Kortney.

I’m still having issues with my back, but at least I can put my skirt on without crying. And, walking the stairs haven’t hurt as bad as they usually do, so I think Someone is taking care of me. I’m hoping the rest of the week goes well, and that it just continues to get better!

In other news, we STILL have not gotten our stimulus payment. It should have been here before the 23rd, but nothing yet. So, that means I STILL have no washer, and I still haven’t scheduled the 3D/4D u/s. I am going CRAZY washing clothes in the bathtub every day. LOL!

Also, I will be getting baptized on Sunday. In a creek. In a cold, dirty creek. So, I’m scared out of my mind. Half the church has told me that I look like I’ll just float away, so this could get very interesting. Hubby will be on hand with the camera, so if I don’t look like Shamu, I’ll post some pictures.

I’ll update on the doctor’s appointment on Wednesday. Someone just remind me I need to go! 😉

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    SissyMerks says:

    Sounds like you have a busy week ahead of you. Take it easy with your back bothering you.

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