VBS Pictures (Finally!)

I have been working like a dog around here – lots and lots of design projects going on right now, so I’m taking a break and wanted to share some pictures of Vacation Bible School with you. (By the way, if you want to see some of the work I’ve been up to, you can visit Cheaper Than Therapy, Pet Angel Society, and All Ruby Cakes. And soon (very soon!), Total Escapes will have a whole new look!)

Now, back to the reason for my post…….. I’ve been promising to share photos of my VBS room for awhile now and finally got around to uploading them all!

Here’s how my room ended up (I wish I had thought to do a before shot!) :

Our door to welcome the kids:
The View into our room (There’s fabric & snowflakes hanging from the ceiling). I put up the curtain to hide the beds and other furniture that was in the room.:
The left wall – we turned it into the outside of a cabin. Isn’t my fire adorable?
Here’s a closeup of Jace & the fire. Mandy (yes, the Mandy) set the fire up for me. She did an AWESOME job!
Another shot of the penguin slide. I was so happy with how it turned out!
I have to thank all the people who helped me decorate my room: Ms. Jodi, Ms. Sabrina, Mandy, Sam, Ms. Tracy, Emma, Cheyenne…. and if I missed any body, I’m sorry!

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the week. We had SO much fun!

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And, if you want to see videos of the closing ceremony, you know I’ve got ’em! 🙂 Just click on Videos at the top of the blog and find the ones labeled VBS. I still have a few more uploading, but you’ll know where to find them.

Thanks for looking!

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    Susan G. says:

    Looks like a good time ! I remember every summer going to VBS !

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