Inducing Labor – Does Anything Work?

37 week belly pictureThis morning I had my 37 week doctor visit. My blood pressure has been elevated the past few days, but I can always get it back down by lying down on my left side. I was anxious to talk to my doctor about that today.

The appointment went pretty well. Gained a pound. I’m up to 9 pounds gained for this pregnancy. I am SO happy about that! Blood pressure was  a little high, but not too bad. It was 140/85. It tends to get worse as the day goes on, so I wasn’t surprised that it was ok.

Went back to the exam room, and he came in a few minutes later. We talked about my blood pressure, and he told me that he’s not too concerned since I can get it to go back down, but if there ever comes a time that I can’t get it to go back down, I need to go to the hospital immediately.

He then checked my cervix. Still really high, (not surprising!), but he could feel the baby’s head, and I’ve dilated to a whole ONE. It’s better than nothing, though, right? He stripped my membranes and told me that because I’ve done so well this pregnancy, he really, really wants me to see if I can go into labor on my own. Fabulous. <insert eye roll emoticon>

Since I’m past 37 weeks, he told me to start doing anything I can think of to put myself into labor. Since I’ve never gone into labor on my own, I really have NO idea what will work!

So, I got home and started googling “ways to induce labor”. Oh. My. Word. Everyone and their mother has an opinion on this.

Now, so you know, I will NOT drink castor oil or Kaopectate or do anything that’s not natural or safe. While I want this baby to come naturally, I do NOT want to do anything that could cause him any harm.

What are the ways to induce labor that you have used that have actually worked? Are there any that really will work?

So far, the most common ways to induce labor that I’ve found are the following:

  • Sex
  • Acupressure
  • Balsamic Vinegar
  • Eggplant
  • Chinese Food
  • Nipple Stimulation
  • Evening Primrose Oil
  • Walking

I am also planning on trying the Break Your Water Cookies that I posted recently, and see if those do anything at all.

I know that this post will cause people to comment and tell me that I need to let the baby come naturally and on his own. I already know that nothing will bring on a baby that’s not ready to come. And since I have never, (in all 5 previous pregnancies), gone into labor on my own, I figure that if I start doing these things now, maybe by the time my due date rolls around, he’ll be ready to come. So, please, no lectures. I’m not going to do anything that could hurt my baby, and since my doctor is the one recommending that I do these things, who am I to question his advice? 🙂

I am curious to know, though: Is there a method to induce labor that has worked for you?

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    Any woman who has been overdue or had to endure a hard pregnancy will not give you a lecture about trying to induce naturally! LOL I definitely wouldn’t! Both my babies have been late and I tried a lot of things to get things going. I think scheduling the inductions is what finally scared me into going into labor on my own. 😉

    At the end I walked every day and also did jumping jacks, LOL. I did go into labor a week after I started doing that every day. But I don’t know if that’s what did it or if it was just time because I was a week past my due date. I would just try whatever is comfortable for you to try and definitely try to relax about it! Maybe I was relieved about my inductions being scheduled and that’s why I went into labor on my own before each time.

    I’ll pray for ya. 🙂 It’s awesome that there haven’t been any dire complications for this pregnancy – what a blessing! I want you to go into labor naturally (without pitocin) just so you can see what it’s like! 🙂
    Lindsey@Kindred Spirit Mommy recently posted..Advice from the 1800′s – How to Calm Your Colicky Baby

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    Stripping the membranes worked for me! My water broke the next morning and my son was born later that day.

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    With 1 out of 5 kids stripping of my membranes and walking around the hospital for hours worked.. but then again I was 8 days overdue and probably in labor already (and at 3 1/2 ct when he did it). With your high blood pressure I wouldn’t recommend it though! I would just let nature take it’s course.. I know it’s hard. I went almost 38 weeks with twins and was in so much pain I was so big. Looking forward to the summer though with my 6th 🙂

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    Lanamae Byler says:

    Well you know Toby came after stuffing myself with chinese food and shopping. Tami came after an entire day of walking around and shopping. I walked from 8 am until around 9 pm and my water broke the next day at 3:30 pm! Good luck! I cam’t wait to see him!

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    yes, try pineapple- eat like 1 whole pineapple- worked for me

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    I have to agree with everyone else. Walk, walk, walk! That’s what my doctor told me. Or an eliptical or squats (not so easy at 37 weeks, I know!) Anything you can do to get the muscles in your stomach and pelvis to start contracting…good luck!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

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    Sorry, but I don’t think so. I tried everything on that list, except acupuncture, and my daughter was 2 days past her due date. 🙁

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    I wish I knew, my midwife threw in the towel at 42 weeks and they induced me, and poor puppet was so wrinkly and peeling because he baked too long! For my best friend stripping her membranes worked twice. The Evening Primrose Oil is a cervical ripening agent according to my midwife, she had me take it for weeks starting at 37 weeks. She also had me drink Raspberry Leaf Tea, as a uterine toner. It’s great iced. Good luck with going into labor on your own, I REALLY hope I can next time too!
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    Ooooo. Lavender essential oil and accupressure points! Google accupressure points for labor and you’ll get good ones. My favorite was the point between the tip of the shoulder and the neck. After trying the oil and massage, I went into labor within a few hours. Honestly, could have been coincidence, but I totally took it. Good luck!

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    Andee Casey says:

    Well, I had 3 c-sections, so obviously I have nothing to contribute here than to say that I’m praying for YOU and that BOY!! Hang in there! I was on bedrest with two of them, so I can fully relate to the WAITING….

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