We are home…. finally!

I am absolutely exhausted. I just kissed hubby goodbye – the poor guy has to work all night tonight after driving 13 hours home. (He drove the first half, I took over the second half. At least it didn’t rain the whole way down!)

About 6 hours from, we *finally* figured out how to make Parker stop screaming. I accidentally left the shade back on his car seat, and he could see out the window. As long as he could see what was going on, he was fine. If we tried to pull the shade to keep the sun out of his eyes, he freaked out. Figures it was something as ridiculous as that!

We had a really great time, and it was so nice to see our families. I took bazillions of pictures. As soon as my new computer arrives, I’ll upload them and share them!

I must say, though, that I’m not doing that again any time soon. I’m thinking the family needs to come visit us. It’s just too hard to do that trip with 5 kids… at least at the ages they are now. Maybe in a few years it will be easier.

Things will start to get back to normal around here very soon. I’m looking forward to going to bed in my own bed tonight.

Thanks for the thoughts and well wishes while we were gone!

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  1. 1
    Suzi Homemaker says:

    Glad you had a nice visit and a safe trip home! Looking forward to seeing your pics!

  2. 2
    Danielle says:

    Yeah, I wouldn’t want to do that, either. I don’t even want to do it with one kid. And to think, my mom wants us to go to Greece again. 15 hours on a plane with a 2 year old, I don’t think so.

  3. 3
    A little piece of 7th heaven says:

    So glad you had a nice trip..even happier your back..looking forward to some great posts and pics..you never let us down:)

  4. 4

    We’ve made way too many long road trips with all 5 kids and it definitely does get a *little* easier as they get older, but it’s never a barrel of fun.

    I’m glad it went as well as could be.

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