We took the WAT-AAH Challenge!

Recently, WAT-AAH contacted me and asked if I would let my children take the WAT-AAH Challenge. I agreed, and they sent me two bottles of WAT-AAH to use in the Challenge.

The WAT-AAH! challenge is putting the WAT-AAH bottles next to other drinking products in your fridge (soda, juice, etc), don’t say a word and see what your children do!

Easy enough, right? I decided to have Ashley, Zander, Jace, and Lucy participate, just to see how they would each respond.

Because Sundays are impossible for us, we started the challenge this morning. Here’s how my fridge looked:
I had Ashley go first. I distracted the other kids with a video and told Ash to go in the kitchen and grab something to drink. She immediately reached for a bottle of WAT-AAH and started to drink it. I never told her what to pick, I told her she could have anything on the shelf. I was completely surprised, because I totally thought she’d pick soda given the chance!

Next was Zander. I had Ashley put her bottle of WAT-AAH back in the fridge, and did the same thing with Zander. I told him he could pick whatever he wanted to drink off of the shelf. He opened the door and picked up a bottle of WAT-AAH. When I asked him why he picked that, he told me, “It’s a boy color, and I wanted to try it!” Ok, well, whatever works!

Then, it was Jace’s turn. I had Zander put his bottle back in the fridge and told him not to tell Jace what to do. I had Jace open the fridge and pick something to drink. He also grabbed the bottle of WAT-AAH with blue lettering. When I asked him why he picked that one, he said, “Because the boy screaming on it looks just like me! And you know I love blue!”

Then it was Lucy’s turn. I told her to open the fridge and get something to drink. She opened the door and immediately went for the bottle of WAT-AAH with pink letters. She didn’t even wait until I got the lid off before she put it to her mouth. She was quite upset that she couldn’t get anything out of it with the lid on.
I am SO proud of my kids. Each one of them picked the WAT-AAH without being prompted. I don’t allow my kids to drink soda, so imagine my surprise when they reached for the water instead. Even though they’re not allowed soda, they still always seem to want Gatorade or juice. This is a fantastic way to get them excited about drinking water.

It’s been a few hours since we started the challenge, and I’ve refilled the bottles with filtered water about 3 times each already. The kids are taking to it like fish! They love it, and refuse to drink anything else.

Thank you, WAT-AAH for contacting me and allowing me to take part in this challenge! Your product rocks, and I love that this is such an EASY way to make my kids healthier!

To my readers – want to take the challenge with your kids? You can find out more information here. If you don’t have a store near you that sells WAT-AAH, you can also purchase it online. If you do take the challenge, let me know your results. Hopefully they’ll be as good as our results were!

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