Well, the big girl bed didn’t go so well….

It took forever for me to get Lu to sleep last night, and every time I did, I’d put her in her bed. As soon as she hit the mattress, she’d wake up and freak out. Finally, about 1am, I got her down without screaming.

Around 3:30am, I heard her screaming in her room. Gene can get out of bed faster than I can, so I sent him in to see what was wrong. Apparently, she had gotten out of her bed at some point, and instead of walking to our room, she threw herself down in the middle of the floor. SIGH.

So, we’re going to try again the rest of the week. If she’s not more comfortable in the bed by the end of the week, I’m going to have Gene put her crib back together. It just doesn’t make sense to torture her if she’s not ready to move.

For the record, each of the other kids have been out of their cribs before the age of 18 months. Ashley was about 14 months. I had gone into her room to get her one morning and she wasn’t in her crib. She had climbed out of her crib and right up onto her chest of drawers that was beside her crib. I will never forget the panic that set in at that moment. We went out that day (mom and I), and bought her a toddler bed. I took the crib apart and she never slept in it again.

Zander was also about 14 – 15 months. He wasn’t even 14 months old when Jace was born. When Jace was 6 weeks old, we moved him from the cradle in our room into the crib in the room with Zander. Z was also really easy to transition to the toddler bed. No problems at all.

Jace was about 16 – 18 months when we moved him into a toddler bed. We moved him right before Lucy was born so that we’d have the crib to use for her. He never gave us a lick of trouble either.

Lulu, however, is certainly her mother’s child and is as stubborn as all get out. I’m guessing she’s just not wanting to give up the security of her crib.

It’ll be all right for awhile longer. I plan to keep Parker in our room in a cradle until he’s rolling over, so we should have at least 4 months or so after he’s born. I hope that’s enough time to transition this little girl into a toddler bed!

I guess we’ll find out what the rest of this week brings!

In other news, Gene was offered a job CLOSE TO HOME!! Oh my gosh, we have been praying about this since we moved here almost a year ago!! He has been working about 2 hours from home (one way), but only because no one up here was hiring. He’s been putting in applications for months around here with no response. We have prayed, and prayed, and prayed. About a week ago, a good friend of ours told us that his store would soon have some openings and told Gene to get an application in asap! Well, he did, and today the manager of the store called him about the night stocking position. It means that Gene will have to go back to working 3rd shift – which neither of us is crazy about, but now he will be 15 minutes from home and not 2 hours!! Think of the $$ we’ll save in gas alone! So, praise the Lord. It looks like this is all going to work out. We really, really needed this.

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    SissyMerks says:

    Sorry it didn’t go well. Hang in there mom. Maybe when the baby comes it will give her incentive to be a “big girl.”

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    Mine started out sleeping in a bouncy seat next to my bed. At about 5 months, she started sleeping in a playpen, and still sleeps in the playpen to this day. She was crawling at 5 months, and one night we found her playing on the kitchen floor.
    The playpen the only thing I am really comfortable with until she is mature enough to be told with big girl words why she needs to stay in her bed.
    I used to work the graveyard shift (speaking of that) at the crisis nursery sometimes. I caught many toddlers trying to escape!!! Good thing you can’t sleep on the clock, or else they would have been goners. Toddlers are smart.

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