What a week!

VBS 2009I am completely exhausted, but MAN! What an amazing week we have had.

I loved the class that I got to teach. The kids were a little crazy, and we had a couple of issues that we had to deal with, but overall, it was a really great class. These kids are dealing with some really tough problems in life, and I hope that they were able to realize this week just how much Jesus loves them.

Tonight was our closing ceremony. Each class sang a song and then was presented with a certificate. I included a small thank you note to each of my kids… hoping to share a word of encouragement with them.

I will upload photos soon. There are tons of them. This week has been so much fun. I’m sad to see it end, but at the same time, I really looking forward to getting back to normal around here.

The photo in this post is a gift that I made for Ms. Revonda. She normally runs VBS, but has been battling Liver Cancer. She recently had another surgery and was unable to join us at VBS much this year. Another lady and I decided to do something for her, and this was what I came up with. I want her to feel like she was a part of everything and capture the moments she may have missed for her. I really hope she likes it. (You can click on the photo to see it larger. There are some funny pictures on there!)

Tomorrow I’ll head back to the church and tear down all my decorations. That is going to be a project! (And, yes, I have pictures of the decorations, too! The room turned out awesome! In my humble opinion, of course.)

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    The Stevens Family says:

    Could you be any more sweet, honestly? Teach a class for someone else and make an absolutely adorable picture collage on top of that. You're amazing! I'm so glad the class went well. I'm sure you've created a wonderful memory in each of those kids' lives.

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