What an awesome day!

I had SO much fun today!!

We left Ms. Sabrina’s house around 9, and got down to the mall around 11. We started at Walmart (praying we could find a pair of Batman Pajamas in Zander’s size – thank God we did!), then headed over to Payless Shoes. After that, we had lunch at Steak & Shake. They completely changed the menu from the last time I was there. But, they still made me my favorite sandwich (the Chicken Frisco) and loaded up my fries with their ooey-gooey cheese. Mmmmmmmmm Mmmm!

After lunch, we headed to Toys R Us. Oh.My.Gosh. The store was HUGE!!!!!!! It was connected to a Babies R Us, and was as big as a MALL! We found some awesome deals there, too. We got a kitchen set for Lucy at almost 60% off, and we found the boys a 30 inch Batman toy for only $25! We really struck gold there. Probably a little too well. 🙂

After Toys R Us, we headed to Target. Man, I’ve missed Target. I love that store. We found some great sales there, too, and found the boys some very cool Iron Man toys. (They’ve never seen the movie, but they’re obsessed with Iron Man. Go figure.

Then, we hit the mall. Wow. It was like heaven. Honest. It was HUGE. We didn’t even make it through the entire place. We only hit Macy’s (had to drop off our Santa letters and get Ashley a Christmas dress), Gymboree (they had super cute Monkey stuff that was too darn expensive!), and the Disney Store. The Disney Store (my favorite store in the whole world) had some awesome sales going on, too, so we got each of the kids something from there, as well as their “special ornaments” for this year.

I hated to leave, but hubby had had no sleep, and Ms. Sabrina and her family were waiting on us to get home for dinner. I did really good on the drive home… until we hit Blood Mountain. I am a city girl. I grew up driving 90 mph in bumper to bumper traffic in Chicago. Give me a million cars and a highway, and I’m fine. Give me an extremely curvy mountain road, and I freak. Poor Gene. The man was living on no sleep, and I think I must have terrified him going up the mountain. As we got close to the top of the mountain, he told me to pull over so that he could drive. I told him I was worried about him being able to stay awake, and he informed me that I had scared him so badly that he was wide awake. Honestly. I just do not do well on mountains. Plus, it was dark and raining, and I had someone on my butt the whole time, so that didn’t help a thing.

We made it back safe and sound, hid all the presents we bought, and headed to Ms. Sabrina’s house for dinner. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner with some very good friends, and ate WAY too much. 🙂 After dinner, they gave us the most amazing gifts. They had put together photo collages of all of our kids together. I LOVE them. I can’t wait to hang them and show them off to everyone!

Thank you, Ms. Sabrina for keeping my kids today. I had a wonderful day with my husband, and a wonderful evening with you and your family. We love you guys dearly.

Now, I am exhausted, and I’m praying we wore Parker out today, too.

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    I am glad you had such a great day.

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    Cat@3KidsandUs says:

    Sounds like you had a great time! I wish we had a Disney store. That’s the one thing I miss about St. Louis malls.

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