What is Wrong with Society?

A fellow local Atlanta-area blogger shared an article with me today, and I just have to chime in.

First, read the article: Too Much Truth Recap: Baby Cries, Mom gets Jail Time

Photo from http://atlanta.cbslocal.com/2011/09/06/too-much-truth-recap-baby-cries-mom-gets-jail-time/

Here’s what I’m thinking:

I am livid over this. Absolutely sick to my stomach that a baby laughs in a library and the mom is asked to leave.

As a mom myself, I probably would have refused to leave as well. Babies make noise. If you don’t like it, don’t go to the library during kids’ story time. Seriously. The fact that the police were involved when the mom refused to leave? I find that ridiculous.

Her court date is today, and I am hoping that all charges are dropped. Even if she did get angry and curse at an officer, that’s no reason to punish a single mother with jail time.

I live in a small town, and I’ve been in stores that don’t like when I bring my children in with me. I have been refused service – and my kids weren’t misbehaving in any way. It was just the fact that I had 5 children with me, and I was pregnant with another. Complete and utter discrimination. So, you know what? I don’t shop at those stores. I will gladly give my money to someone else.

But a library? Come on! Guess I won’t be taking any trips to the City of Decatur Library any time soon. Not with my kids, that’s for sure!

What are your thoughts? Does this mother deserve jail time for this?


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    What? Her tax dollars (and yes, even if she gets a refund, she does pay taxes… it’s called “sales tax”) go towards that library. It’s a public resource, and she has EVERY right to use it. Maybe a harassment suit would be in order? Or something similar to a nurse in where dozens of mothers show up with their children in tow?
    Enyo @ Motherhood Looms recently posted..Wordless Wednesday 9/7/11 – Checking Out the Petting Farm

  2. 2

    Ha Ha. I think this article might be a tad bit slanted.
    Danielle recently posted..Sea Lions

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    Okay, that’s just sickening. Come on. Are we suppose to fear taking our children to the library now? Seriously. When did babies stop being allowed to be babies?
    Jessi recently posted..Authenticity: A Risk I’m Crazy Enough to Take

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    I am not a single mom but my husband works full time and goes to law school and we have no family here. So, I may as well be a single mom most of the time. I got upset when I heard about this too. Husband of course had his opinions on it. But, it is impossible to keep a child quiet all of the time especially a baby. Being a mom if 3 soon to be 4 I know that I just have no choice but to take them with me where I need to go (doctor,hospital,library,shopping, etc.)
    People who have family or a spouse that is able to help just don’t get it.
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    I am not a mother yet but this even outrages me. I would have been beyond angry that someone would get upset with me for not being able to control nature. Are they serious? you want me to control a baby crying or laughing? that’s pure nature right there, it’s perfectly normal. Just as if I was in the libaray and read someone funny, I would laugh. I hope there is a serious outrage for this. Because this is ridiculous. Now if my baby kept crying and wouldn’t stop, I would step outside or go to the lobby in respect of others at the libary but for momentarily making noise, that’s just nuts.
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