What’s bringing people here?

Awhile back, I posted about some of the funny searches I found in the keywords that are bringing people to this blog. I check again today, and found some that are absolutely hysterical. I simply must share them with you.

First of all, just in that list above, there were 5 keyword phrases that had to do with a swollen nose. Actually, out of the 125 listed keyword phrases, 14 had something to do with swollen noses. Is that a good thing, or a bad thing?

One of my favorites this time was “photographing monkeys.” It must be from me talking about taking photos of my kids. I imagine that’s what photographing monkeys would be like.

“hate the love dare” makes me sad. How could something that has the possibility of saving a marriage be something you could hate? I’ve been doing the love dare, and it’s been great for me!

“i can’t stop eating” – Yep. Describes me to a t. Stress = eating. I eat a lot now.

And then there’s “i got spanked.” My mind could easily go to the gutter with this one, so I’ll try not to even let it go there and just pretend that it was regarding something in this post. 😉

Whatever brings you here, thanks for stopping by! I can’t solve the swollen nose problem, and I can’t help you love the Love Dare, but I promise to try and make you giggle every once in awhile.

Thanks for the smile tonight!

Angie Vinez (2894 Posts)

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    That’s funny. Sometimes, the ones people use to get to my blog make me laugh, too. But once, someone found my blog by googling “Danielle is depressed daily”. That made me sad! I’ve been praying for that Danielle ever since. It came from Canada.

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    Kim @ What's That Smell? says:

    I love reading the keyword searches on my site. Some of them are really funny!

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