What’s Wrong with Staying Covered while Breastfeeding?

Before I begin this post, let me state that I am a breastfeeding mom. I have breastfed 6 of my 7 children, and several of them made it past the one year mark. (One didn’t even wean until he was 19 months old.)

That being said, I support breastfeeding moms.

Except when it comes to whipping your breast out in public and not putting a blanket or cover over yourself.

I do not have a problem with breastfeeding. I have a problem with how “today’s woman” is so determined that it’s ok to flash an entire restaurant because she is feeding her baby.

Now, I realize I may be in the minority when it comes to this issue. After all, Luvs has a commercial out showing a second time mom that has no problem being uncovered. And don’t even get me started about the post over on The Leaky Boob about Fear and Breastfeeding. It has nothing to do with fear. Ok, well maybe it does, but not the kind of fear she is insinuating in her article. I fear the Lord, and I do not want to do anything that will cause Him shame. I fully believe that even how I present myself while breastfeeding in public can either bring Him glory or cause Him shame.

I understand the remark, “Everyone wants to see your boobs – unless you are feeding a baby,” and in today’s culture, that does seem to be true. BUT, there are many of us who DON’T want to see your breasts – whether you are in a bikini on the beach, wearing a “black tie” dress for your walk down the red carpet, or even if you are feeding your baby.

I do not wear bikinis. In fact, I cannot even remember the last time I put on a bathing suit and didn’t at least have a pair of long shorts or capris over it.

I do not wear low cut tops. If I do, I wear a camisole or tank top underneath it.

And when I breastfeed – even if I am at home with just the youngest 3 kids, I still throw a blanket over myself.


Photo Credit: Bebe au Lait. Click the picture to be taken to the website.

Photo Credit: Bebe au Lait. Click the picture to be taken to the website.

Because I believe in modesty, and I believe that as a woman striving to be like Christ, it is my duty to keep “private” parts covered and for my husband’s eyes only.

Like it or not, breasts are sexual as well as functional. Yes, God gave them to us so that we can feed our children. I can give you verse after verse in the Bible that references breastfeeding. But I can also give you many verses that refer to the breasts as pleasure for sex.

What about the man that struggles with a pornography addiction? And there you sit, right next to him, fully exposing your chest. You are causing that man’s mind to wander. Yes, he is responsible for his own thoughts, but as a woman, YOU are responsible for what you cause others to think. (Titus 2:5 – “To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.”)

The entire topic of exposing yourself while breastfeeding makes me think of Proverbs 11:22 – “As a jewel of gold in a swine’s snout, so is a fair woman which is without discretion.”

My husband and I have discussed this topic many times over the years. I know firsthand that he appreciates the lengths I go to in order to stay covered up. I know he doesn’t want my breasts exposed for the world to see. He has always been my biggest breastfeeding supporter, and I truly believe it’s because I choose to do it in a modest and tactful way.

Now, I can hear you through the computer: “But, my baby doesn’t like being covered up.” … “But my baby will get too hot.” … “But I cannot bond with my baby if I cannot look at her.” … “But, but, but….”

To all those buts, I say, “Baloney.”

Please scroll back up and read the second sentence of this post. I have breastfed 6 children. Through summer and winter, with blankets, cover-ups, or whatever I could find to throw over me at any given time.

Yes, we did go through stages where baby didn’t like to be covered. But, my baby isn’t the boss. From an early age, they will come to understand that sometimes they will just have to deal with what they are given. If they continue to pull the cover off, they are taken off the breast and are allowed to nurse again after a few minutes. Not one of my babies has ever starved or suffocated from being covered up while nursing. I promise.

Nursing covers are fantastic when baby wants to try to pull a blanket off. Because the cover goes around your neck, baby can’t pull it off. And most nursing covers now offer a curved neckline that allows you to see baby (and vice versa) while shielding your chest from the world.

So, please, ladies. The next time you are out and need to feed your baby, take a moment to cover yourself – or even just pull your shirt down and keep yourself covered. I’m asking this on behalf of my husband, and many many other men out there that are trying to keep their minds and hearts focused on Christ and don’t want to see what you have to offer.

I’d love to see some women who are willing to take a stand with me and cover up while nursing. What do you say? Let’s show the world that there are still discreet, respectable, God-honoring women who want to please the Lord out there.

Edited to add: Thanks to the comments on this post, I realize that you can be discreet without using a cover. My problem is not covered vs. uncovered, my problem is with those that refuse to show any form of discretion and feel the need to be vocal about their opinion. This post is simply my way of voicing MY opinion about the topic. This blog is based on my thoughts, opinions, and convictions, and should be respected as such. 

Also edited to add: I am no longer going to take the time to reply to comments on this thread. Those comments that do not use foul language or outright attack my character as a person or a mother will be still be approved whether you agree with me or not. I have stated my opinion in this post and do not have time to reiterate the same opinions over and over. If you see this as you having “won” or having the last word, so be it. I know where I stand: Firmly planted on the Bible, and that’s where I plan to stay.

Photo Credit: The photo used in this article is from BebeAuLait.com – a place that sells some of the most beautiful nursing covers you will find online. I personally own and use several of their covers. This is not an affiliate link, and I am not making any money off of this post, I’m just thankful that companies like Bebe au Lait exist and believe their website should be shared.

Regarding Comments: I am sure there will be many who disagree with this post, and that is your prerogative. However, nasty, spiteful, or unnecessary comments will not be approved. Period. You are welcome to disagree, just do it respectfully.

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Angie is a wife and mother to 8. Her life revolves around cooking, cleaning, laundry, and other household duties. She is passionate about her life in Christ and wants to encourage other mothers in their own walk of faith. Angie is active on many social media networks, loves technology, photography, and graphic design, and loves creating blog designs for other mom bloggers.


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    I have to go with a simple idea: there’s nothing wrong with staying covered if that’s how you want to do it. But keep in mind that this socially imposed need to cover is really more an American/Canadian phenomenon. If someone else is not comfortable with covering up, then far be it from me to suggest that she must.

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      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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        Amen… thank you so much.

        i had this debate with a couple of women . gosh i thought i was the only one who was thinking like this
        ( like you) thank you for your post.. its beautiful and thank you for covering up and also for being a woman of GOD. 🙂 gOD bless you and your family.

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    Michelle says:

    You expressed your feelings in such a wonderful way, and I agree with you 100%!

  4. 8

    I’m with you – I don’t understand the need for freedom to uncover yourself while breastfeeding because it’s something I would never do! I’m pretty modest, though. There were times I knew my kids were a little sweaty under my nursing cover but they were totally fine since there’s air coming from above and around them. I had a nursing shawl that I LOVED (http://kindredspiritmommy.com/lovedbaby-nursing-shawl) that covered me up really well, too – no gaps. 🙂 I would go into another room to nurse if I was in public and it didn’t bother me – we liked quiet. I can’t imagine trying to eat and carry on a conversation while nursing, that would be weird for me!

    • 9

      That’s exactly how I am too. I go to the car, another room, etc. just so I don’t make others around me uncomfortable. Now, they shouldn’t be uncomfortable, because I’m just feeding my baby, but they are. So, I just make it easier on everyone by excusing myself. I enjoy the quiet time with the baby and everyone else can go about their business.

      • 10
        Amanda Sandoval says:

        The problem with removing yourself is that it doesn’t “make it easier on everyone.” It’s not fair that the mother has to miss out on time with her family who may be visiting (say you’re at a family dinner or holiday event) or miss out on lunch with her family at the mall while she sits in a room all by herself for 30+ minutes. It may make it easier on “everyone else” but not easier for EVERYONE. I am a modest person, but I do not cover up. It’s not because I feel the right to expose myself or anything like that. It’s simply because I don’t like them and can’t seem to find one that works for me. I wear layers and any boob that is not covered by clothing is covered by my hand and baby’s head. You should have no problem talking while nursing unless you are ashamed of feeding your baby. If you are covered, there is nothing to feel awkward about. You don’t feel awkward holding a conversation while YOU are eating, right? (as long as you aren’t chewing with your mouth full 🙂

        • 11
          Laura Hamby says:

          I just do not get why the word “ashamed” keeps being used. I don’t no anyone who ever felt ashamed to nurse their baby. That is not the issue here. Angie has tried to explain that. She is not ashamed. She just does not want the whole world to see her boob and she doesn’t care to see anyone else’s. It’s that simple. She also feels that this is a conviction given to her by God. No one said that having a baby was easy. Sometimes we need to put our child’s needs above our need to socialize.

        • 12

          There is a difference between breast feeding completely exposed in public and breastfeeding in front of family.

  5. 13
    Rena (An Ordinary Housewife) says:

    I’m like you–I always were T-shirt/shorts over my bathing suit, don’t wear low-cut things unless I have a cami (or one of those things that hook on your bra :-), etc. When I was breastfeeding, I always tried to find another room to do it in. If I’m at the mall, I will find a fitting room. At church, I will go to the cry-room and still wear the cover. There are lots of pretty nursing covers out there. 🙂

    • 14

      That’s exactly how I am. I see it as a sign of respect to excuse myself and nurse in private. Plus, it gives me some alone time with the baby. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

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    Kate Maloney says:

    Thank you for writing this! It seems so many women are at one extreme or the other when it comes to breastfeeding in public (or at least, the extremists are the most vocal about it). Advocates for uncovered breastfeeding in public insist that’s a completely personal choice and often say that if you don’t like it/think it’s appropriate, you don’t have to look. Well, sometimes it’s impossible not to notice, and when a woman knowingly makes herself the source of temptation in that way, she’s just as guilty of the sin as the man who looks at her.

    In fact, the inability to be modest was one of the (many) reasons I stopped breastfeeding my twins. It’s pretty much impossible to cover up if you’re trying to nurse two babies at once, and feeding one at a time isn’t an option unless you want to spend 90% of your waking hours with a baby at the breast!

    • 16

      You are so right. It is hard not to notice someone nursing their baby completely uncovered.

      And, twins?! Doubly blessed! I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to nurse them in public – or at home. You are amazing!

      • 17
        Skye Bailey says:

        Some women are better at it than others. I wasn’t good at it! I just kept covered–due to my own issues. I’m sure my babies–and I’ve bf 8 of them-would have been happier without a cover. I simply chose to remain covered with all of them. Baby number 2 made this especially difficult, as she hated to be covered up at all…even in her sleep, she would kick covers off of her (which often turned out to be less than discrete for me! And I ended up nursing her only in secluded places)…. These children are now grown, and all have turned out quite nicely. 🙂 And, the women in our family are all huge bf’ing advocates. However, none of them have ever “covered up” when nursing their children. I guess they just know how to be more discreet about it than their mamma did! And, they nurse around the younger, teenage brothers, nephews, brothers-in-law, all whom don’t think a thing of it. They seem not to even notice. They just have healthy attitudes towards women and how they care for their babies. It’s a beautiful thing to see. It was a bit of a shock to my dd when she recently visited her friends church, and the usher/elder, or somebody asked her to leave the auditorium during the service because she was bf’ing her baby. God forbid she use her breasts in such a natural fashion. I don’t think that experience did much for her wanting to “get saved” anytime soon.

    • 18

      This shows a horrible weakness of the ‘modesty’ argument, in my opinion. You couldn’t feel you were able to continue breastfeeding because of it. I hate that. 🙁

      • 19
        Amanda Sandoval says:

        This is really, really sad. There are other women out there who probably don’t nurse or give up nursing because of social pressure like this (breast feeding as shameful). I have tried again and again to use a cover but with no success. My child won’t latch on properly and gets very angry and the feeding becomes very stressful…if this happens again and again the mother may be discouraged to breast feed and turn to formula. Formula is NOT natural and if it can be avoided it should.

        • 20

          I do not believe that she only quit nursing because of modesty. I believe it was simply one of the contributing factors. And nowhere in my post did I say that breastfeeding is shameful. At all.

        • 21
          Laura Hamby says:

          I don’t think she was saying she quite because she felt ashamed to breastfeed. What I think she means is that she felt uncomfortable being exposed in public. I get that. I felt the same way with one baby. That is not what ultimately drove me to quit, but I understand where she is coming from.

          • 22

            If I would have been forced to just sit in public, uncovered, and nurse my babies, I too would have stopped. Not because I’m a Christian or because I’m flawed in some way but its a legitimate reason that someone might decide they didn’t want to nurse.

            I don’t care about any of the reasons that are stated saying it’s perfectly acceptable to show your breast because your baby is eating, to me, it’s not acceptable and would have been a reason for me to not breastfeed my babies.

            I was able to maintain a level or privacy and still enjoy that bonding time with my babies. With two, it probably is quite different and could be difficult.

            I think her reason is valid, because it is her children and she knows what she is comfortable with.

    • 23
      Skye Bailey says:

      It’s a shame you weren’t able to bf as long as you might have wanted, for your children.

  7. 24

    Mouths are sexual as well as functional. Do you keep your mouth covered all the time? Unless you wear a burqa, no.

    The problem isn’t that breasts can be sexual. The problem is that our society is used to ONLY seeing them as sexual. That is not their primary purpose, no more than a mouth’s primary purpose is to participate in sexual activities. As a society we need to get better about seeing breasts for what they really are – the natural way we as humans were designed (by evolution or God or a combination thereof, depending where your beliefs lie) to feed our young.

    I don’t disrespect a woman’s choice in how modest she would like to be when she nurses. But at the same time, I do feel that if we as women continue to hide this very non-sexual activity, this activity that is the very antithesis of sexual, we continue to abet and promulgate the idea that our breasts when used to feed babies ARE shameful, ARE sexual. And they are not. They are being used exactly what they were designed for, as not as the sexual playthings society insists is their primary function.

    • 25

      People would do well to keep their mouths covered more often.

      I respect your opinion, but it is simply that: your opinion. Just as my opinion is stated in the post above. Today’s society is what it is, and with the way a man’s mind works, I firmly believe it is better for a woman to cover herself.

      • 26

        “People would do well to keep their mouths covered more often.” The irony of that statement is almost too much to take…

        • 27

          You, uh, realize that you’re under no obligation to read, right? And as she’s the one who is paying for the hosting, etc, it’s her place to state her opinions?

  8. 28
    Amber Parker says:

    I never use a cover because, quite frankly, I think I would be a little more noticable trying to battle with a 9 month old trying to rip the blanket off of her head, than I would be quietly nursing where ever I’m sitting. And, I don’t “whip my breast out”… You’d be hard pressed to actually notice I’m nursing unless you were looking pretty hard. You CAN be modest whilst nursing in public, uncovered. It’s called layers. Pull the t-shirt up, pull the tank top down, and voila. Believe it or not, babies’ heads are not translucent… all you would see is a baby cuddled up to Mommy. If you want to be covered up while you nurse your baby, by all means, go ahead! But don’t try to make me feel like I’m a bad person because I choose not to. It doesn’t work for me OR my child (“Baloney” me all you want to), so I won’t. I have never exposed my breast to anyone in public, and if the mere sight of a baby eating is too much for someone to handle, they can either look the other way.

    • 29

      I am not trying to make you feel bad, and if you ARE feeling bad, maybe you should think about things. If you are able to remain discreet and covered while nursing, by all means, continue to do so. My post was directed at the women who cannot (or will not) be discreet.

      • 30

        She didn’t say she felt bad. She said that others try to make her feel bad. There’s a very big difference.

      • 31
        Amber Parker says:

        It seemed to me like your post was directed at anyone who nurses without “putting a blanket or cover over yourself.” I don’t feel bad by any means. I’m going to nurse my child where ever and however I please. I can’t say that there haven’t been people that have tried to make me feel like I was doing something dirty or inappropriate by simply feeding my child the way God intended me to. If I were someone else though, perhaps a pregnant mother who didn’t have support from her friends and family on breastfeeding, and I stumbled across this post on the internet, would it discourage me from nursing in public? Would it make me self conscious? Perhaps. For some, it may even be enough to make them not EVER nurse their babies outside of the comfort of their bedroom, and I’d bed that is a quick trip down the road of early weaning. Not everyone thinks the way you do… I would even wager that the VAST MAJORITY don’t think the way you do. I have certainly encountered more mothers that have smiled and nodded at me while I nursed my child than I have the mothers that scoff and snarl their lips and make inappropriate comments.

        Which of those mothers do you think is a more positive example to set for our future generations? Those that smile, encourage, and build up mothers that are doing their best to nourish their children, or those that scoff and wrinkle their nose and make snide judgmental comments about them?

        I wonder if there were even nursing covers in Biblical times? Back in those times, it was quite common to bathe in a public bath with everyone else in town… And if you’ve ever traveled to Europe and visited one of these ancient bath ruins, there were no separate stalls. I highly doubt that they got themselves in a tizzy over a mother nursing their child.

        • 32
          Amber Parker says:

          And, on the note of breastfeeding in biblical times, there are plenty of paintings with breastfeeding mothers with breasts exposed. They’re hanging right next to paintings of Jesus in museums all over the world.

          • 33

            Mary more than likely BreastFed Jesus without a cover. So, I wonder, what remarks would you make to her about not being modest?

        • 34

          the vast majority are not Christian. Just because the majority of people choose to embrace hookup culture and the distruction of family values does not mean it Is right or a Christian thing to do. A lot of women want attention by showing their breasts. I think non mothers should refrain from exposure as well. Frankly if you want to share your body with the world do it in a strip club with other like minded adults are and stop trying to force your nudity on people who want to follow the lord. America has laws that prohibit nudity in public. I don’t care if you have a baby or not you are not exempt from following the laws. If you insist on public indecently move to a country that allows it. I am very thankful that their are still women out there that promot family values. The Bible is very clear on modesty. I am confused on why some supposedly Christian women think it is acceptable to share their nakedness with their neighbors, especially those that are married. It’s clear that some women feel the need to be seen as a sex object even after having children.

  9. 35

    Breastfeeding moms do not “whip it out” in public. I never cover my nursing daughter and never will. If you want to eat with a blanket over your head, that is your prerogative. My daughter will not and I will not force her.

    Modesty and breastfeeding do not even need to be in the same sentence. Breastfeeding breasts are not sexual but rather wholly functional.

    If you want to cover up while nursing, that is your prerogative as well. My prerogative is not to be forced to hide my naturally nursing baby away because of someone else’s opinions.

    • 36

      Ummm, yes. Some mothers DO whip it out in public without care or regard for anyone around them. You want to let your child have control of your life, and that’s fine. My children will be raised to understand that the world does not always cater to them, and they need to be respectful and courteous to others. If I see you nursing, I guess I’ll just have to “look away” as they say….

      • 37

        I have NO PROBLEM with catering to my 8 month old son wanting to eat uncovered in the middle of Florida’s Heat. You can try to explain to god that he needs to make the weather cooler so that children of breastfeeding mothers can follow his terms so that we can be modest and pleasing unto everyone. But my young child, who is not capable of knowing right from wrong yet, and is a amused by different colors, could wait could is not a good word for this cannot possibly have the mental capacity yet to not have the world revolve around them. Ones who are unable to get up, walk over to the fridge and pour themselves a nice big cup of milk. I produced this baby, and yes, he is controlling my life. I cater to him when he is hungry, I cater to him while he is teething, and I help lull him to sleep. That is what good mothers do.

      • 38
        Skye Bailey says:

        It’s a shame that as a mother yourself, who has breastfed 7 children, that you would have to “look away” from the “temptest”, and not show emotional support to a young mom doing her best for her child. Ironic.

  10. 39
    Dusty @To the Moon and Back says:

    do cover and for similar reasons as you mentioned when out in public. I
    also agree that you can cover in summer and winter, whether baby likes
    it or not. I’ve nursed 3 children, all into toddlerhood and I always
    covered when out and about. Well, there’s been once or twice where I
    forgot my cover and had to do without. I do not cover at home unless we
    have company, but I still am discreet. I’m not whipping anything out,
    etc. I have enjoyed this blog in the past and will likely enjoy some of
    your posts in the future as well, but I do not believe I am shaming the
    Lord by feeding my children the way that He intended.

    far as other women go, I think we should be discreet whether using a
    cover or not. I don’t think it’s appropriate to draw unnecessary
    attention to yourself while nursing but I believe that you can nurse
    discreetly with a cover or without one

    • 40

      I also feel that you can nurse discreetly without a cover. My post was directed to those that do not and are vocal about not covering.

      I appreciate you stopping by and leaving your opinion. I appreciate it!

  11. 41

    If we want women to breast feed, we have to allow them to breast feed. I think it is wonderful that your children allowed you to use a cover. I think it’s wonderful that your children and your ideals matched up. That, however, is not always the case. My first born was fine with me using a cover. And I did (except for one instance when I forgot the cover). My daughter, however, will NOT eat under anything. So that left me with a few choices. I could either a) never leave the house (or bedroom depending on who was over) when she needed to you (notice the word NEED not want) b) pump and bring a bottle (which could cause supply issues, since I would be feeding her with a bottle and missing a feeding while doing so….assuming that since I am out of the house and cannot pump while feeding, this isn’t like being at work) c) go some place else to feed like a bathroom (unsanitary and a form of segregation) d) supplement with formula (supply issues again). OR I could feed my child. How God intended. With my breasts. Now, I’m “whipping it out”. In fact, I’ve never seen someone “whip it out”. Most women show exactly how much they need to get the job done, myself included. I don’t desire to be topless. I desire to give my child access to my breast so that she may eat. I, personally, don’t care if you, or anyone else, do not believe me when I say that my child will not eat when covered. She won’t (the exception to this is when she’s asleep and eating…but she only does this in the middle of the night lol). Luckily the laws agree with me. If you, or anyone else, has a issue with this please feel free to turn your head. Or eat your meal in the restroom so as to avoid seeing anything unfavorable ;).

  12. 50

    Also, you do not “wholly” support breastfeeding. Wholly means without condition. You place a condition on your support, that the woman covers. That’s fine that you feel that way, but please do not pretend to be in complete support of breastfeeding mothers when you also place stipulations on how and when they should nurse their babies.

    • 51

      I provided an exception to the “wholly” mentioned in the post. I will continue to breastfeed my babies and I will cover myself or excuse myself to do so because that is MY choice. If you disagree, that’s YOUR choice. This blog is based on my opinions and convictions and should be respected as such.

      • 52

        I said that it was fine that you felt that way. I just pointed out that you do not “wholly” support breastfeeding moms as you claim to do. You cannot wholly support someone, but only on your terms (in this case that they cover). That is not whole support. That is partial support. You partially support breastfeeding moms, those that adhere to your standards.

  13. 53

    An Orthodox Jewish or Muslim woman could argue that because your hair is not covered you are not being modest and are tempting the men who see your hair, will you now cover your hair (or in the case of Islam everything but your eyes and hands) every time you leave the house? If you’re in public, you could offend a Jewish or Muslim man by showing off your hair, arms, collarbone, etc. If you expect all women to respect your definition of modesty, shouldn’t you respect every other person and religion’s definition of modesty also?

    • 54

      Here’s what you need to understand: You are reading a blog written by a woman who publicly professes to be a Christian. I know that not every woman will agree with my post, as proven in the comments both approved and not approved. However, this is my blog, based on MY personal convictions and beliefs. If you do not agree, please write your own blog and tell the world how you feel. I won’t stand in your way.

      • 55

        But you are suggesting that ALL women, whether Christian or not, should behave modestly in public. I’m just saying that it goes both ways.

  14. 56

    I think this is a great post! I agree that women can be discreet without using a cover… I’ve seen women breastfeeding in public before and didn’t even realize it for a while… Then, I was impressed with their skills! 🙂 (Though, that is also dependent on your chest size… I am way too “full” to be modest without a cover, so I always use something when I’m in public!) But, I know the commercial you are talking about too… And, that rubs me the wrong way. When your entire boob is out for the world to see, that’s really inappropriate. So, I totally agree that cover or not, women need to make the effort to be MODEST!

  15. 58
    k michlle says:

    I am a woman of God. I am modest. I nurse mostly covered up. But there are times when I have a grumpy baby and I do nurse her without a cover. I do agree that “covering” up, and I use this term a little loosely is important for some of the reasons you mentioned, is important. I do not want to be a stumbling block for someone with little faith or who is new to faith. With that being said, our culture has made breasts a sexual object when in fact they are no more than what you need to feed your babies. Yes God made us get sexual gratification and made them pleasing to the eye, its why we are the only species that has breasts always unlike every other animal whose breasts only show while feeding babies and then they go back to normal. But if I feel like feeding my baby and don’t have a cover I cover myself as best I can and leave the rest to God. I always have asked myself the question if a bottle fed baby doesn’t need to be covered up, why does a breast fed one do? Well its not the baby we are covering, its our body. Simple. I do agree that even though a very normal thing to do I do not want people knowing what my breasts look like long after I am done breastfeeding. But I do think its a woman’s prerogative whether or not to cover. I think most men see more from women walking around than from a nursing mom whose baby’s head is covering most of her breast.

  16. 60
    Hilurii says:

    I agree, “today’s women” seem to be all about the POWER TO THE BOOB! I value your opinion Angie! and enjoyed your blog. I support that you honestly FEAR the Lord and not what these women have to say. Might I venture to point out that had you not witnessed this on more than one occassion, you wouldn’t have an opinion to be formed, why are people not understanding that?? Cover up, don’t cover up, breasts are privates. you teach your children to not show their “parts” so why not abide by your own rule? Here’s my opinion. Unless you observe the rules of a nudist colony, please cover up or stay in your colony:)

  17. 62

    Thank you for the great article I definitely agree. I have nursed my three children for over 4 years combined so far and have never needed to be immodest for them to eat. there have been times when they didn’t like the cover, but they learned with time and training to tolerate it. There are many things they will not like in life, and it is part of our job as parents to help them realize they are not the boss, but that they must obey. That being said when I am at home with just my husband and young children I don’t use a cover, but am just discreet.

  18. 64

    If you don’t like seeing a nursing moms’ breasts, then DON’T LOOK. Cover yourself if you feel the need to do so in order to be modest for God. You probably won’t approve this comment but I have to say, like a lot of so-called religious people of all sorts, you seem to think that you should have a say in how other people behave in the name of your religion. Be concerned with your own behavior, but it’s really none of your business how other peoples’ behavior relates to their relationship with God or religion.

  19. 65

    BTW the new pope doesn’t seem to have a problem with moms breastfeeding without covers – http://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-snc7/s480x480/311699_10151536526179120_1941784507_n.jpg

  20. 66

    This is so incredibly beyond sexist. It is sad that you feel it’s YOUR responsibility to keep men in check. At first I was inclined to call you a prude, but really, you can cover YOUR body as YOU desire. It is just pathetic that your reason for doing so has nothing to do with YOU.

    It’s selfish to use a cover just for the sake of modesty. A lot of babies don’t like covers. And if you’re really worried about men’s thoughts, keep in mind that a cover draws a lot more attention than uncovered nursing in most cases.

  21. 67
    Laura Hamby says:

    Angie, I totally understand and agree with this post. I don’t understand the rebellious, “I dare you to say something to me attitude that some nursing moms have.” I believe one can nurse uncovered very discreetly. I have a friend that is a PRO at it. You really can’t tell she is latching the baby or nursing at all. However, I was never that good at it. I had a hard time even with the cover with getting baby latched. I did stop nursing, but not because of that. I had a whole host of other nursing woes. I just wish others could take it or leave it. If you don’t like a person’s blog, just stop following it.

  22. 68

    I cover in public since my second breastfeeding child. My first, I did not cover at all, I had no convictions about modesty back with him. I do not cover at home but now my pre-teen boy is uncomfortable around me, so I am covering with him around.

    I have no quarrels whether or not another mother covers in public, as of now. That might change with me with all these boys of mine and as they grow up!

  23. 69
    Natalie says:

    “But at the same time, I do feel that if we as women continue to hide this very non-sexual activity…” No one is hiding the act of breastfeeding by not exposing their actual breasts to everyone else while doing so. When I see a woman with a blanket draped over her shoulder or with her shirt up with nothing exposed, I am very aware of what she is doing. I don’t need to see her breast to know.

    “…we continue to abet and promulgate the idea that our breasts when used
    to feed babies ARE shameful, ARE sexual. And they are not. They are being used exactly what they were designed for, as not as the
    sexual playthings society insists is their primary function.” It would be really nice if women weren’t so sexualized in our society, but they are, and it’s not the fault of breastfeeding mothers who believe we should be modest when we do it.

    “If I were someone else though, perhaps a pregnant mother who didn’t
    have support from her friends and family on breastfeeding, and I
    stumbled across this post on the internet, would it discourage me from
    nursing in public? Would it make me self conscious? Perhaps.” Being self-conscious is not always a bad thing. Sometimes it keeps us from doing the wrong thing. I nursed 4 children, even in public, believing in modesty while I did so. I was self-conscious in the fact that I didn’t want others to see my goods, no matter what context it was in, and it didn’t discourage me from doing it. It shouldn’t discourage others to voice that opinion, either.

    “I have certainly encountered more mothers that have smiled and nodded at
    me while I nursed my child than I have the mothers that scoff and snarl
    their lips and make inappropriate comments.” Why do you assume that disagreeing with exposing oneself while breastfeeding means scoffing and snarling their lips at anyone who does? We can observe many things we do not agree with on a daily basis and not be rude about it (though I am sure there are those who are, and they shouldn’t be). And we need to grow some thicker skin in this world. If someone stops breastfeeding because they bare their boobs in public and others don’t like it, they probably weren’t that committed to it to begin with. But I kind of doubt that would happen because I get the impression that those who are comfortable with that don’t care what others think anyway.

    “It is sad that you feel it’s YOUR responsibility to keep men in check.” Why is that sad? Besides, that’s not what she said. Just because men are ultimately responsible for their behavior does not mean we are completely absolved from any role. We cannot force anyone to keep it in check, but I believe it is our responsibility to encourage it and not make it harder for them to do.

    “It’s selfish to use a cover just for the sake of modesty.” Could it not be said that it’s selfish not to cover oneself because of one’s personal inclinations without regard for others around them? I didn’t see where Angie said any of her children were uncomfortable while she nursed in a modest manner.

    As Angie explained in her post, she believes in modesty across the board, not just with breastfeeding. I don’t believe women should fully expose themselves in public while nursing, either. I also do not believe women should wear tops with their breasts half hanging out, swimwear that leaves practically nothing to the imagination, or short skirts or shorts. It is completely logical to include breastfeeding in one’s beliefs about modesty, and it doesn’t mean shaming the act of breastfeeding itself. Ironically, my experience is that those who are more religious are more modest AND more likely to breastfeed their children. Clearly, people are going to do what they are going to do, but it doesn’t hurt to ask them to reconsider.

  24. 70

    I nursed all four of my children. I’ve had instances where someone would walk up to me and didn’t realize I was nursing and try to take the baby to hold. I would just politely say “they’re nursing right now”. NO ONE has to know you are nursing. It’s between you and your child.

    I’m not going to say this is out of some God given conviction or my high standards or being respectful towards men or any of the reasons one might use.

    I did it because that’s what felt right. I was feeding my child, not taking a stand or making a statement.

    “I” am uncomfortable watching someone just expose themselves to nurse their child. I breastfed all of my children, for extended times even but it is STILL very uncomfortable to me to see this.

    Yes, if I don’t like it, I can turn away or I can leave or any of the choices. I just don’t know why mothers feel the need to not use a cover. I really don’t. I do know that some deliberately make a choice to be “seen” while nursing and flaunt it as a badge of “you can’t make me” and really, it’s just not that kind of a battle.

    It’s an experience between you and your child. The world does not need to validate your womanhood or motherhood by seeing you expose yourself so we can all know you are woman see you roar because you are breastfeeding and showing the world.

    I vote for discreet breastfeeding. I did it with four without one problem and I’ve nursed in every imaginable place and circumstance and no one was ever aware. I breastfed my first ones when it was so not popular to do so.

    My oldest daughter is 34, she breastfed her two girls. Even covered up, sometimes people would say things to her about it being disgusting. She had one of those big cover ups that go around the neck, so when you put that on, people do KNOW what’s going on but they sure can’t see anything.

    So, some people are just going to have a problem even KNOWING it’s going on. Others (like me) just don’t need to see it.

    Those are just MY thoughts on breastfeeding from a mother of five, grandmother of three.

  25. 71

    When I breastfed my children, I always tried to see if there was a private and comfortable place to do it. I usually would cover with a blanket if the baby would keep it on. I have nursed in public without being totally “covered”, but everything was covered with my clothes or the baby’s head. I always tried to be discreet and respectful of others. I think I understand what you are referring to in your post. Women who make no attempt to be discreet and are almost confrontational about it? If so, I do agree with that. I feel that that is disrespectful not only to the people around you, but to your child for making a spectacle.
    Misha Lynn Estrada recently posted..Chronic Humiliation: The Medical Term For Motherhood.

  26. 72

    Great post! It is so refreshing to hear a mother encouraging godliness over selfishness. Displaying breasts while feeding has become the “bra burning” of our time. Women are adopting militant attitudes and refusing the Bibles mandate to consider others more highly than ourselves. I nursed 3 children, 2 1/2 years each, and always used a cover. Blessings and thank you!

  27. 73

    that’s brilliant article 🙂 I have a similar one (won’t post link, no thank you :)) got 19849 views and about half of them commented too, in the last year, it still is my most “hot topic”, and oh yes, I am a mother and my opinion is against public ostentative display of motherhood, I let you guess why I have so many comments 😛 Ok, deleted half of them or more, you know, the ones that said in what ways they wish i die 😀

  28. 74

    This post is such a breath of fresh air! I’m so happy to see other Christians who are standing up for modesty and God’s Word. Please never let the negative comments get to you, that’s just how it’s going to be when we take a stand for a deeper holiness in God. It’s crazy how people can get so defensive, even when you are discussing it in a polite in gentle manner. I definitely believe as Christians we are to put other needs before our own and consider that some are struggling and we shouldn’t be one’s to cause them to stumble.

    Matthew 18:6 “If anyone causes one of these little ones–those who believe in me–to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.

    1 Peter 3:16 keeping a clear conscience, so that those who speak maliciously against your good behavior in Christ may be ashamed of their slander. 17 For it is better, if it is God’s will, to suffer for doing good than for doing evil.

    1 Corinthians 8:12 12 And so, by sinning against the brethren and wounding their conscience when it is weak, you sin against Christ.

    We must always know that our actions can affect others. Though breastfeeding is a beautiful and natural thing it should be done with discretion. I totally love your post and I thank you for taking a bold stance for Christ.

    God bless!

  29. 75

    It’d be nice to know what the bible actually says about breastfeeding instead of your opinion. I think this article sums it up rather nicely.



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