Where To Shop for Maternity Clothes

I have a problem. My belly is officially too big to fit in my regular jeans and skirts. I’ve rubber-banded them until they’ve reached the point of no return. Now, it’s time to admit defeat and start shopping for maternity clothes.

I know what you’re thinking: How does a mother of 5, with baby #6 on the way not have maternity clothes that she can wear? Well, actually I have lots of maternity clothes. Lots of size smalls. Lots of size mediums. And lots and lots of summer clothes. All of my babies were born in July – October, so I’ve only ever needed summer clothes to get me through. (We’re blessed with warm weather pretty late in the year down here.)

But, it’s quickly becoming fall, and the farther along I get, the more I’m going to need maternity clothes that actually fit and/or are for the correct season.

I got a check in the mail the other day for a paid blogging gig that I have. Hubby and I decided that I’d use the money and at least get a few pairs of jeans and some sweaters. After all, I can’t exactly not wear any clothes during this pregnancy. So, we hopped in the car yesterday and headed to Murphy to do some shopping. Guess what? Walmart doesn’t sell maternity clothes. None of our “local” stores do anymore. We found one store that had a very small, pathetic offering of maternity clothes. On the way home, we hit every single thrift store we can find. Again, the options were few and far between. If they had cute items, they weren’t my size. The items that were my size looked like they had been through a war.

By the time we got home, I was really discouraged. There is absolutely nowhere to shop for maternity clothes in our local area. Do they not expect people to get pregnant around here, or what?

It looks like I’ll be taking a day next week and hitting the Motherhood Maternity outlet store. Or, I may drive the opposite way and hit a Target and a Kohls. Either way, I’ve got a very long drive ahead of me.

I know I could order clothes online. There are lots of options for that. But I really like to have the ability to try things on. Some outfits that look awfully cute on the hanger look awfully terrible on me. I’d hate to spend the money and the clothes not fit or look bad and then have to go through the hassle of retuning the items. Such a pain!

If you live in a rural area, where do you shop for maternity clothes? Do you make the long drive to civilization, or do you order online?

Maybe I need to open a maternity shop in my local area. I bet business would be booming!

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    Check on eBay as well. You can find some great deals.

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    Nicole Renee says:

    I am just over 20 weeks so I just started buying my maternity clothes, I did some shopping in a resale shop but the rest I did online. There is an hour an a half drive ahead of me if I want to go to a real store. Burlington Coat Factory had some cute stuff online so I just got a few things from there, they were fairly inexpensive so if they don't fit I will take them to the resale shop.

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    I just blogged about a site where you can swap Maternity Clothes called OutGrowingIn 🙂 I wish I would have known about it when I was preggo!


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    i didn't have much near me either so i bought some target liz lange online (worked well but watch for low necklines) and some old navy online (didn't fit well). i also had fairly good luck at a brick-and-mortar jc penney and the kohls non-maternity (lots of tunic type tops available). jc penney had one of the larger maternity sections i've seen in a non-maternity store. good luck!

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    This is so funny I was about to blog about this! Motherhood Maternity is my favorite, and I got a great pair of panel pants at Kohls but not quite as much to pick from as MM. I don't recommend Old Navy or Target. I don't love ordering online because you're lucky to get the right size and fit(especially in pants). Wish I could go maternity clothes shopping with you! 🙂

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    Audrey Spence says:

    I could not afford anything from a maternity store so I went to Ross. All I have locally is WalMart which carries about 5 items of maternity clothes. So I have to drive 45 min to an hour to get to a good store. I loved Ross because they have Paris Blues maternity pants so they're stylish but they fit so comfortably. They also had some really cute shirts. I had also bought some $4 shirts off old navy maternity. They were wrap shirts so I knew it'd fit. That's my 2 cents!

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