Why am I so bad about updating this blog?

I must hear a hundred funny things every day, but for some reason, I can never ever remember to post them here!

Ok, so here are a few funnies I’ve heard lately:

Ash & I were watching Friends the other night. It was an episode where Phoebe was pregnant and craved meat. Ash turned to me and asked, “But isn’t Phoebe a vegenarian?”

I brought cookies home from the grocery store the other day. I gave each of the kids one after they finished their lunches. When Gene got up that afternoon, the boys excitedly told him that they had gotten cookies! He asked Lulu if she got a cookie, too, and she said, “Yep! Santa brought them for me!” Silly girl was with me at the grocery store when I bought them, but she was convinced that Santa brought them to her. After all, Santa only brings the good stuff, right?

Zander and I were working on his schoolwork the other day. Out of the blue he says, “What means what. But, mean means mean sometimes. Sometimes it means means.”

The boys are going through this phase right now where they are terrified of everything. It all started because of the Veggie Tales song, “God is bigger than the Boogie Man.” Now, this song is supposed to prevent kids from getting scared, but if my boys hear that song, they have nightmares. I was trying to convince them that there was nothing to be afraid of. I told them the Boogie Man isn’t real, and we have nothing to worry about. Jace looks me dead in the face and says, “I’m not scared of the Boogie Man. He brings us cheeseburgers.”

I promise, I’m going to do better about updating this daily. My kids come up with some crazy things!

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