WiggleTime: A child’s first introduction to the internet (Review)

“We wanted to take our Wiggles Fan Club to another level. We just needed to make sure we were going to be able to provide children with an environment that was exciting, fun, educational and safe. WiggleTime.com certainly has all of the right ingredients to provide children with a fantastic Wiggles experience” – Anthony Field (BlueWiggle).

WiggleTime.com is designed to be a virtual world that provides young children with a safe online environment to learn and play. It creates the opportunity for today’s parent to introduce their child to the Internet without the risk of them communicating with strangers and is also completely free of advertisements.

Staying true to The Wiggles philosophy of “education through entertainment”, WiggleTime.com acts as an early childhood developmental tool for both toddlers and their parents. Each game played on WiggleTime.com contains cognitive, physical and social elements to help benefit the pre-schooler. It also doubles as an educational resource center for parents to monitor their child’s development and be kept up to date with the most recent parenting news.

WiggleTime.com offers an interactive environment enabling preschool children to explore, play and learn with the use of familiar Wiggles themes, destinations and characters. Enjoying Wiggle Time is as simple as jumping into the Big Red Car, buckling your seat belt, and toot-toot chugga chugging down the road to visit some of your favorite Wiggle destinations including Wigglehouse, Dorothy’s House, Wag’s Kennel, Captain Feathersword’s SS Feathersword, or Henry’s Underwater World.

The Wiggles’ Early Childhood Consultant, Dr. Kathleen Warren contributed to the site’s development as the educational advisor to ensure that WiggleTime.com provides pre-schoolers with legitimate and high quality learning materials. Warren’s expertise helped structure and guide the educational principles embedded within WiggleTime.com.

The majority of the games found on WiggleTime.com have been designed to be played in stages that progressively get more challenging as the child learns. Each time they complete a game they are rewarded with virtual toys that they not only get to keep but play with as well! In addition to games and activities, WiggleTime.com will also offer preschoolers with a series of video clips on a month-to-month basis.

WiggleTime.com is also parent-friendly. Parents will receive a monthly report that informs them of how well their son or daughter has progressed on the site. They will also have access to message boards where they may socialize with other parents and exchange child rearing advice. In addition, parents will also have access to premium promotional offers, competitions, merchandise discounts and presale Wiggles tickets! The parent’s section of the website will be protected by password to prevent children gaining easy access.

Wiggles fans will be happy to know that they can register and experience WiggleTime.com absolutely free. In order to maximize the full potential of WiggleTime.com, costs only a small subscription fee per month – under USD$6 – for premium access to WiggleTime.com for up to four children on the one account!

Registration for WiggleTime.com is quick and easy. There are a range of subscription options, including a special UNICEF subscription plan that teaches children social responsibility, and unlocks a new destination and game, from which USD$1.50 per month (during the term of the subscription) will be donated to a UNICEF project to help the world’s most vulnerable children.

Here’s what Jace has to say about WiggleTime.com:
“I really like it. My favorite game is playing hide and seek with Wag. He would hide items all over the Wiggle House and I would have to find them. Sometimes he would trick me, and it would take a lot of tries, but I found everything he hid!”

When I asked Jace if he would tell his friends about WiggleTime.com, this is what he said:
“Yep. When we go to church, I’m going to tell all my friends that I got to play on your new computer and I got to play along with the Wiggles. They’re going to be so jealous.”

Here’s what I have to say about WiggleTime.com:
First of all, I love how easy it is for kids to use. Jace never had to ask me for any help, he just jumped right on and started playing. His first project on the site was building a tree house. He got so excited that he could build a blue castle in the tree. He was so proud of it and he just beamed when he showed the finished tree house to me.

I also love that I can keep track of how well Jace is doing on the website. It shows me that he’s learning while he’s on there, not just playing. It makes his learning fun, and it encourages him to keep learning.

My kids have been fans of the Wiggles for as long as I can remember. Seeing the excitement on their faces because they could interact with all the characters from the show is priceless.

WiggleTime.com is definitely a website that I would stand behind.

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    We love The Wiggles, too! Thanks for sharing about their website. We’ll definitely check it out.

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