Wisk Makes Tailgating a Pleasure! (Review)

As you all know, I’m part of the Wisk Beta Bloggers, and I have to tell you… I am loving this detergent! I’ve already gone through the bottle that they sent me to try out, and 3 more bottles after that. (Remember – I have 5 kids and a husband. I do a lot of laundry.) But, I’ve never seen anything that gets out stains like Wisk does, and I’ve tried a lot of different types of detergent.

I am all about tailgating – or anything that involves a grill and cheeseburgers dripping with ketchup and mustard. I love ’em. But, man, can they ever make a mess! And usually it’s me that makes the mess before my kids. I can’t tell you how many white tops I have ruined thanks to good old ketchup or mustard from a greasy cheeseburger.

For this task, we were supposed to paint ketchup on a new white t-shirt, and treat it with Wisk. When I mentioned to Jace that I needed his help again, he couldn’t wait! He was bouncing off the walls, ready to paint his whole shirt if I’d let him.

To show you the steps we took to complete the task given, I created a photo slideshow. Jace is the star of the show, but watch as step by step, we paint on the ketchup, treat it with Wisk, and then wash it as clean as it originally was….

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Here are the steps I took:
1. Using a clean white shirt, Jace painted a stripe of ketchup down the front using a basting brush.
2. Wiped off excess ketchup.
3. Pre-treated with Wisk detergent.
     a. Poured Wisk over entire stain.
     b. Rubbed in Wisk for 30 seconds.
     c. Let sit untouched for 5 minutes.
4. In lukewarm water, I rubbed the stain until all the suds were gone.
5. Revealed shirt – the stain is GONE!

I then went one step further and threw the shirt in the dryer. For some reason, when I’ve treated nasty stains before and thought I got them out, after a trip through the dryer, the stain seems to come out. Not this time. After treating the shirt with Wisk and then tossing it in the dryer, the shirt came out as white as it had been when we pulled it out of the box! Absolutely amazing!

I have to say that I was actually shocked at how well it removed the stain. As I was pre-treating and rubbing in the detergent, I noticed the stain moving to other places on the shirt. It had gone through the back, and was even on the sleeves. I was certain it wouldn’t remove all the stains.

Boy, oh boy, was I ever wrong! It got every single trace of the stain – to the point that the shirt looked brand new again!

I am sold. If Wisk can save my shirts and let me actually enjoy my greasy cheeseburgers, I am a fan for life!

Wisk is available now at major retailers nationwide such as Walmart, Target, and Kroger for the Suggested Retail Price of $5.99 for a 50 fl oz. bottle that cleans 32 loads.

To learn more about the new Wisk with Stain Spectrum™ Technology and download a money-saving coupon, head to www.wisk.com. Also be sure to “like” Wisk on facebook and follow Wisk on twitter.

Disclaimer: I am participating in a compensated One2One Network program on behalf of Wisk. I am being paid for this post, and also received the items necessary to facilitate my review, however all opinions and thoughts are 100% my own and have not been influenced in any way.

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    Color me impressed! I have very sensitive skin and have to buy All Free and Clear. Any idea on how it is for sensitive skin?

  2. 2
    Angie Vinez says:

    Before using Wisk, I *only* bought free & clear detergent. Zander has very, very sensitive skin. I accidentally washed a few of his shirts in the Wisk, and he didn't have any kind of reaction at all! I couldn't believe it. Since then, I've stopped buying 2 kinds of detergent and only use the Wisk.

    Now, I don't know if that will be true in every case, but it worked for us!

  3. 3

    I LOVE wisk..Always have. Unfortunately, it seems to have disappeared of of every shelf in my area. I honestly had thought the comany must have gone under as it happened suddenly and without warning!

    I really miss it 🙁

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