I got a phone call today that I can have a “booth” at the Georgia Mountain Fair. This is a HUGE deal, because the Georgia Mountain Fair is HUGE. People come to our area for vacation just to go to this fair. Think of all the exposure.

So, I hit panic mode today (bcause the fair starts TOMORROW, and I got the call today!), and start making TONS of bows. I was told I had to have all of my stuff over there by 4pm.

I get over there, and I’m not up with the crafters, I’m over in the Exhibition Hall. It’s not all bad news. No I can’t sell anything, but I can set up a display for my photography and my boutique. Still TONS of exposure.

Only problem was, I brought stuff to sell. My booth looks like crap next to all the other professional booths. So, tonight, I have cranked out a HUGE display that I’ll put up tomorrow morning. I have SO much space to fill.

I’ll take pictures once I get it all set up tomorrow. I’m hoping that it turns out as nicely for real as it is in my mind. 😉 I guess we’ll find out tomorrow.

Wish me luck! The fair runs from tomorrow until July 27th, so there’s a chance for TONS of exposure. I really, really hope this works out.

Oh! And the contractions are still coming, but nothing at all like they were yesterday. I only get one every couple of hours now. MUCH better than yesterday!

I’ve got so many pictures to share. I’ll share them all soon!

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    Danielle says:

    All right! I’m picturing lots of $$$$$ coming your way.

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