Yesterday’s packages

Sorry! I meant to get these up last night, but we went to Walmart and that turned into a 5 hour ordeal! No joke.

Anyway, here are the wonderful prizes that the super-nice mailman brought to my door:

First was a teddy bear from Critters who Care. They send the stuffing and the Birth Certificate with the bear. The bear is ultra soft, and this is definitely something we’ll be doing (as a family) for Parker. I’m going to make little “wishes” for the kids to each kiss and make a wish on, and then put them inside the bear when we stuff it. Look how cute it is:

Second, there was a pair of little brown puppy shoes from ShooShoos. I absolutely love these!! I tried them on Parker, and his foot is still a bit too small, but I can’t wait for him to grow into them. Go check out shooshoos! I like them better than Robeez, and their prices are a whole lot better than Robeez, too!

Third, I got a satin headrest from Sharmooz. It is so soft and I love the rubber backing so the headrest stays put. They have tons of great designs, but we’re partial to zebras and other jungle animals in this house. 🙂 Look at the pretty headrest they sent:

Last, I got 2 bibs from DaBib: an infant bib and a toddler bib. I took these out of the package, and they are fabulous! The infant one is perfect for when Parker spits up. It absorbs it all and doesn’t soak through to his clothes underneath. I love that! The toddler bib is awesome. It’s so easy to wipe clean, and nothing soaks through it! The best feature is the “Crumb catcher pouch.” It’s attached to the back of the bib and folds out when you need it. That means that when you fold it back, no crumbs get stuck in the seam. Love that!! Here are the bibs we got:

Again, please take a minute to visit these sponsors. I appreciate their generosity and hope you’ll check them out!

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    I just love getting to see what you won! Looks like so much fabulous stuff. I like ShooShoos better, too. Well, I haven’t bought any, but back when Lauren was little enough for them I looked them up and just loved their designs. They had some REALLY cute ones for little girls. Better price, too. Anyway, enjoy your loot and I can’t wait to see what you get next! 😉

  2. 2

    I hope your five hour ordeal wasn’t because of the coupons I sent you.
    Glad you are getting your grand prize a little each day. It feels like more that way.

  3. 3

    Cute stuff.

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