Youthful Trends Caffeinated Makeup Primer (Review)

It’s summertime, and what does that means? Bright sun, scorching temperature, and (in most of the country), humidity so bad that your hair frizzes and your make-up slides off your face.

I am one of those people that has to wear makeup whenever I leave my house. But I hate wearing makeup in the summertime.

We only have air conditioning in our living room. The rest of the house can get hot – really hot. No sooner do I get my makeup on than it’s running down my face because of the heat. It’s just not a pleasant feeling, and it’s a feeling I thought I’d just have to “deal with” living here in the South.

I found out about Youthful Trends and Greensations on the SheBlogs Network, and I had to know more about the Caffeinated Makeup Primer they had that was “simply the best thing to happen to makeup in the past 50 years.” I really wondered if the Makeup Primer could handle the Georgia heat and humidity.

I contacted the company, and was excited to be accepted into their blogging promotion. A sample was sent to my door, and I couldn’t wait to try it.

The first thing I noticed right away is that it is 100% natural. There isn’t a word in the ingredients that I can’t pronounce – something that’s rare for makeup products anymore.

I started my normal makeup regimen: Moisturizer, Sunblock, and then I spritz on the Youthful Trends Caffeinated Makeup Primer and allowed it to air dry. You can also pat it dry, but I wanted to get the full effect. And it only took a couple of minutes to dry. Then, I continued on with my regimen: added foundation, powder, blush. Immediately, I could tell a huge difference. My foundation wasn’t sliding off my face as soon as I put it on. I was no longer sweating glowing like I normally do all summer long. No, my makeup looked fantastic, and my face didn’t feel greasy at all. The makeup stayed on my face all day. I felt clean and fresh, and didn’t have to worry about my makeup once. It was great!

The next day, I used the Youthful Trends Caffeinated Makeup Primer again, and had the exact same results. I am *so* excited that I can finally wear makeup in the summer and not have to worry about if it’s going to stay on or how bad it’s going to look by mid-afternoon. Nope, just great looking makeup in 99* heat. Awesome.

I wanted to see if it was just a fluke, so I skipped a day of wearing it. Immediately, my makeup started sliding off my face, and by the time I was done with my regimen, you couldn’t even tell I had just spent 20 minutes putting makeup on. I’m amazed at the difference the Caffeinated Makeup Primer makes in my daily makeup routine.

One thing I did notice is that if I didn’t wrap a towel around myself when applying it, and the primer got on my neck, my neck felt sticky later in the day. It hasn’t ever made my face feel sticky, so it could have been because the Makeup Primer wasn’t layered with anything, or it had a bad reaction to my perfume. I’m not sure. But, I’ve kept a towel around me every day since then when applying the primer, and I haven’t had any more problems.

If you’ve been looking for a way to keep your makeup on your face during the summer, I would highly recommend the Youthful Trends Caffeinated Makeup Primer. I love the way it works on me, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their daily makeup routine.

At $29.99 it is definitely worth every penny. Plus, you can get an additional 25% off by entering the code SHEBLOG on either or at checkout. That discount code makes the product a fantastic deal!

Grab a bottle of Youthful Trends Caffeinated Makeup Primer and enjoy wearing makeup for the rest of the summer!

Disclaimer: I received a sample of the Youthful Trends Caffeinated Makeup Primer from a representative of GSC Products, LLC ( and to facilitate my honest and thorough review. I was in no other way compensated for this post, and opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own.

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