Zula Patrol on DVD (Review & Giveaway – CLOSED)

You all know that I love educational children’s shows, right? I love a show that my children enjoy watching but also teaches them something. Of course I want my kids to have fun, and I love when a show can make learning fun!

The Zula Patrol is a great show that does just that: It makes science fun for my kids.

Here’s some information about The Zula Patrol:

The Zula Patrol, is a popular animated science-and-astronomy series for kids that airs Saturday mornings nationally on NBC, as part of qubo, as well as weekdays and weekends on public television stations.

The Zula Patrol features a gang of lovably wacky alien characters including stalwart Captain Bula, brainiac Professor Multo, feisty hot-doggin’ space pilot Zeeter, the amazing space pet Gorga, and twin flying explorers Wizzy & Wigg. They take kids on a roller coaster fun ride across the Universe, helping them discover interesting facts about science and astronomy in the process.

The creators of The Zula Patrol are truly passionate about science – and want to share their excitement with kids everywhere!

Our Review of The Zula Patrol
We were recently sent 2 Zula Patrol DVDs to review: The Zula Patrol: Animal Adventures in Space! (released June 2, 2009) and The Zula Patrol: Moons Mayhem (released August 25, 2009).

My kids were thrilled to see that the Zula Patrol was on DVD and they could watch the episodes any time they wanted! They love watching The Zula Patrol on Qubo on NBC on Saturday mornings, and they’re always disappointed when it’s over. Now they don’t have to worry about when it’s over, because they can just hit “play” over and over again!

I took the opportunity to watch The Zula Patrolwith my kids. I was pleasantly surprised at how interesting it was. I hated science when I was in school. I struggled with tests and quizzes because I just wasn’t interested in it enough to learn more about it. Maybe if The Zula Patrol had been around when I was a kid, things would have been different. They pack tons of information into the half an hour that each episode airs. BUT, they make it fun (and funny!) and the kids don’t even realize that they’re learning while having fun.

When I asked the kids for their opinions of The Zula Patrol, here’s what each of them said:

Lucy (almost 3) –The Zula Patrol? I LOVE Zula Patrol! Me love Zeeter. I wanna be her. She call me Lucy. Me wanna watch Zula Patrol!”

Jace (5) – I really like The Zula Patrol. Multo is my favorite. He knows a bunch of stuff, and he always does silly things.

Zander (6) – I like the dog, Gorga. Sometimes he can get REALLY big! And he always blows things out of his nose. He’s really funny. And he’s green. I want a green dog like Gorga.

Ashley (12) – The Zula Patrol is my favorite show that the boys and Lucy watch. I actually like sitting down and watching it with them. Science is my favorite subject in school, and I love all of the facts about animals, plants, stars, and everything else that this show has.

As you can see, it’s a hit with all of my kids – from ages 2 – 12!

Also to go along with the new DVDs, fantastic new games and activities appeared throughout the month of August on ZulaWorld.com, the acclaimed new science-and-astronomy site that USA Today calls “a great addition to the kid virtual world market.” ZulaWorld.com was created for school-age children ages 6-10 (note, the website is for slightly older kids than the DVDs, which are geared to ages 4 and up).

Here are some of the new features you and your kids will discover when you visit www.zulaworld.com this month:

  • The planet Mars is being introduced into Zula’s Solar System, filled with new adventures kids can spend hours exploring.
  • The first in a series of Global Community Missions will launch, calling all kids to join in a search for Zula’s missing frogs – and return them to their rightful home!
  • After entering each others’ spaceships with a “secret handshake,” kids can test each others’ skills in a multi-player Tic-Tac-Toe game.
  • A multi-player Bumper Ship game will provide all the fun of an amusement park ride – deep in outer space!
  • Just in time for school, kids will be able to chart their ZulaWorld.com activities in an On-line Journal.

Want to Try The Zula Patrol for Yourself? To Buy: The DVDs are available in stores nationwide, or on Amazon.com.

You Can Win! I get to give away a set of The Zula Patrol DVDs to one of my readers!

Here are the two DVDs you’ll get:

  • The Zula Patrol: Moons Mayhem follows the intrepid team from Zula in six humor-filled stories that begin with a challenge, and end with a resolution, as they explore the fascinating, often volatile world of moons. The episodes include: Moon Struck, Blue Moon, Going Through a Phase, Moons Mayhem, Three Ring Gorga and Me, Myself and Io. It’s non-stop lunar adventure for The Zula Patrol, as they as they rescue a turbulent Venus, who is on a quest to acquire a moon of her own; discover the many moons of Jupiter during Jupiterfest; explore the composition of the surface of Earth’s moon; help save Bula from an awful Were-Mouse curse, and thwart Dark Truder’s nefarious plan to steal all the moons within the solar system.

  • In The Zula Patrol: Animal Adventures in Space!, the team explores how insects, reptiles, mammals, plants and rocks form and interact with each other. In Larvae or Leave Me (the first episode), Skip the grasshopper can’t find his friend Wriggly the caterpillar – until he discovers, with help from The Zula Patrol, that Wriggly has transformed into a beautiful butterfly! Four additional stories on the DVD are: Egg Hunt, There Goes the Neighborhood, Choosing Sides and Camp Worm. No job is too big for The Zula Patrol, as they search for stolen frog eggs, help restore life to a canyon ecosystem, solve the mystery of the missing honey, and tunnel through dirt with their worm comrades to help the trees grow – and end up thwarting a threatened “alien invasion” from another planet.

As an additional bonus, I will get to pick 10 (TEN!) Winners to receive a one month premium membership to ZulaWorld.com!!

To Enter:
Tell me why you want to win these DVDs from The Zula Patrol.
*Mandatory. If this is not done, you cannot win.

Want Extra Entries?

  • Visit ZulaWorld.com with your child(ren) and play a game. Leave a comment and let me know which game you played. (Unlimited Entries – Play as many games as you’d like. If your kids play a game alone, that also counts as an entry. Just need to know what game they played!)
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