zzzTIME™ from sootheTIME™ (Review)

Exclusively at Babies “R” Us stores nationwide, you can find a new line of infant sleep essentials: the zzzTIME™ line from sootheTIME™.

These items are intended to provide soothing sleep solutions for baby, while providing peace of mind for mom, as these products are designed to help infants remain on their backs while they sleep which helps reduce the risk of SIDS.

Here are the items available from the zzzTIME™ line:

  • Snooze Wrap Plus

    The Snooze Wrap™ Plus – this product is so simple to use that anyone can achieve the perfect swaddle every time. It’s crafted from 100% cotton knit fabric, and it’s designed to unsure proper positioning and head support, while encouraging healthy development by transitioning as the baby grows. The wrap also features adjustable Comfort Wraps™ for security, and adjust-ability options that allow for arms and legs to move freely. Additionally, the Cradle Support Pad™ helps add confidence when holding and lifting the baby, along with greater comfort for mom and baby during breastfeeding.

  • Snooze Sack

    The Snooze Sack – this wearable-blanket is available in two sizes, and helps parents provide comfort and security for their baby without the worry of loose blankets. Stage 1 ensures that babies stay positioned on their backs, comfortably covered and cozy for more restful sleep. Stage 2 is designed for older, more active babies, and provides plenty of freedom to develop their own natural sleep position as they stay covered and cozy for more restful sleep. The Snooze Sacks also feature Comfort Vents that help prevent overheating and a bottom-up zipper allowing for easy access for diaper changing.

  • Snooze Sheets

    Snooze Sheets – these are designed to be used in conjunction with the Snooze Wrap Plus or Stage 1 Snooze Sack to position baby for safe, developmentally appropriate sleep. Simply open the Sleep Stabilizers™ on the Snooze Wrap Plus or Stage 1 Snooze Sack and place babies in the center of the sheet to secure them in the “back to sleep” position.

  • Sleepzies

    Sleepzies™ – these are soft and sensible, and they are the perfect way to dress baby for a soothing, restful sleep especially when swaddling in a Snooze Wrap Plus or in a sootheTIME Snooze Sack. Sleepzies offer smart, practical tailoring, design to fit easily over baby’s head and with snaps at the bottom for quick, easy diaper changes. Additionally, the all-natural cotton and modal fabric blend is soft on a baby’s tender skin, even after repeated washings. And because it’s more absorbent than cotton alone, the baby stays dry and comfortable. 

My Review of zzzTIME™
I received the Snooze Wrap Plus™ and the Snooze Sack™ for this review. While I don’t have an infant at the moment to test out the products, I soon will, and I cannot wait to use these on him or her. I really, really wish that I had had these products when Parker was a baby. I think they would have solved the sleep issues we had with him.

Parker was a swaddle baby. He had to be wrapped as tightly as possible or held all night long. If he escaped from his swaddle hold, that was it. Bed time was over, and the screaming fits began. I honestly don’t know how I made it through the first year with him, because I swear the child never slept. I would have loved to have had these items to swaddle him tight (but safely!) and keep him on his back while he slept.

The Snooze Wrap Plus is genius! It is so easy to use. Even Lucy can wrap her baby dolls in it. (That’s how we practiced for this review.) The fabric is so soft and comfortable and would keep baby at just the right temperature no matter what the weather was like outside. One feature that I love is the head support that helps reduce flat head syndrome. While Parker never got a flat head from lying on his back, he did have a horrible bald spot. I’m thinking this may have helped that as well. And the padding to keep them comfortable is such a nice touch. The Snooze Wrap Plus is also great because it can grow with baby, giving the option to keep their arms out of the wrap if they prefer. (Although Parker never preferred that.) Overall this is an amazing product, and at just $19.99, it is a fabulous investment. If you’re expecting a baby soon – or know someone who is – register for this product or buy it for them. This is officially making my “must-have” baby item list that I’ll be putting together throughout this pregnancy and baby’s first year.

The Snooze Sack is another must-have item for my list. I love that it provides warmth and comfort for baby without loose blankets. It keeps baby covered and allows freedom of movement all while keeping baby snug and secure. The adjustable comfort wraps inside are awesome. These would have been perfect for Parker. The Snooze Sack is super easy to use, and there’s easy access for diaper checks or changes. And since it’s made from the same wonderful fabric as the Snooze Wrap Plus, it’s perfect for putting on baby no matter what the temperature outside. And I love that the Snooze Sack has Comfort Vents in the sides to release excess heat and provide airflow. No more hot, sweaty, cranky babies during the summer!

I am quite impressed with these products, and I cannot wait to use them on my own little Jelly Bean. If you’re looking for the perfect baby shower gift, or for the right items to add to your baby registry, I’d really recommend the entire zzzTIME line from sootheTIME. I’ll be stocking up on these items over the next few months, and I’ll definitely be including the Sleepzies and the Snooze Sheets when I do start stocking up.

To learn more about the zzzTIME line, visit the sootheTIME website. And if you’re ready to start purchasing, head to your local Babies “R” Us store or www.babiesrus.com.

Disclaimer: I was contacted by a PR rep from Southard Communications on behalf of sootheTIME. I received the products necessary to complete my review. All opinions stated in this post are 100% my own. I have not been compensated in any other way for this post.

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